The Sabotaging Rituals We Have with the Scale

The number on the scale is known to fluctuate. Why?

People won’t usually question it if you tell them the scale isn’t your friend. It’s an inanimate object that we tend to attach a lot of bad feelings to. If the number goes down, we’re pleasantly surprised. Or, let’s face it, elated! But if the number goes up, it can burn itself into our brains and ruin our day. For many of us who struggle with weight, this is usually the case.

This kind of relationship with the scale is unhealthy, both mentally and physically. It prompts you to focus on a number rather than measures of health. In reality, all the number tells you is your gravitational force on this planet. It is affected by a number of different factors that have nothing to do with your value as a person.

Sabotaging Scale Rituals

Still, sometimes we can’t help but get a little obsessed with the scale.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever…

  • Skipped meals before a doctor appointment so your weight would be lower
  • Made it a point to undress completely before stepping on
  • Closed your eyes while in the bathroom so the scale wouldn’t be in sight
  • Stepped on and off repeatedly, willing a different number to appear
  • Leaned backward or forward to change the number
  • Moved the scale to a softer surface so it shows a lesser number
  • Used a dieuretic or other substance with the intention of weight-loss
  • Hidden your scale in a cabinet or thrown it away

These are only a few of the scale habits and rituals that people commonly confess to. If you are guilty of doing one or more of these right now, it’s time to take a step back.

Aiming for Health, Not Weight Loss

Weight-loss can be very beneficial. It can reduce joint pain, give you more energy and reduce your risk for more than 50 weight-related conditions. However, if it is done with a “goal weight” or number in mind, you are more likely to focus on that number rather than on improving health. This can make you anxious, sad, depressed, worried and other challenging emotions. It can also cause you to make unhealthy decisions for your body.

This is why it’s important to be reminded of why Your Weight Matters. If you are on a weight-loss journey, take inventory of your non-scale victories rather than focusing just on the scale. It will help you learn to appreciate and understand your body and make healthier habits stick.

To learn more about celebrating non-scale victories, Click Here.

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