A Fun Way to Maintain Your Weight: Step Aerobics!

Step Aerobics

Disclaimer: To develop an exercise program that best suits your needs, please consult with your physician. 

Can exercise be fun and functional? — you bet!

Step aerobics is just one example of a workout that is fun, lively and great for your body. In fact, this exercise provides an impressive variety of physical/mental/practical benefits including:

  • Weight maintenance/management 
  • Muscle growth
  • Increased energy
  • Improved heart and overall health
  • A More efficient metabolism
  • Adaptability
  • Improved balance
  • It’s FUN!

What Exactly is Step Aerobics?

You may have heard about step aerobics in a class offered at your local gym, or even in a magazine or on television. At its basic function, just like any other aerobic exercise, this one is designed to improve the efficiency of your body’s cardiovascular system in absorbing and transporting oxygen. Oxygen is then used to convert fat into energy for your working muscles – and by working multiple muscle groups, you’re at your greatest potential for overall fat loss.

But what exactly is step aerobics, specifically? It involves simple and rhythmic step movements that are usually performed to music, and it’s done for an extended period of time using an adjustable stair step. Very similar to upbeat dancing, step aerobics is a great cardiovascular exercise that makes use of your whole body!

Where Do I Begin if I Want to Incorporate Step Aerobics into My Workout Routine?

Many people believe that to achieve the full benefits of exercise, you have to working at your body’s maximum potential all of the time. Scratch that thought!

Depending on your weight goals and your current physical state, paying attention to your workout’s duration (rather than intensity) is the most important. Remember – aerobic exercise is necessary to burn fat, so it’s important to start off slowly with what your body is able to do and then progress gradually. Consider these guidelines:

  • Assess your goals and your current physical state.
  • Begin your step aerobics routine by moving at an intensity your body is able to do.
  • As your ability to work for longer periods of time increases, consider increasing your intensity.
  • To increase the intensity with which you exercise, you might try adding an additional step or even hand-held weights.
  • Integrate low-intensity into your routine as well, such as walking, biking and swimming.
  • Maximize fat loss with a healthy and well-balanced diet. 

Step aerobics is a phenomenal way to integrate fun movements into your workout routine because it’s great for your body and it’s fun to take part in!

If you’re considering step aerobics, you can look to a variety of places to get started. To begin, check to see what’s offered at your local gym, private health institution or community health center. If you prefer home workouts, look into buying your own stair steps and moving to your own music routine or that of a video/DVD. There’s plenty of ways to take advantage of this awesome exercise!

Want More Information about Step Aerobics?

For more information on step aerobics, as well as ways to integrate it into your workout routine, you can visit the full article from Your Weight Matters Magazine by CLICKING HERE.

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