Six Get-Healthy Ideas for the Spring and Summer Months

Try these tips for re-energizing your health in the spring and summer months.

Spring and summer are feel-good seasons full of sunshine and vibrant colors. If you’ve been in hibernation from social distancing, now is a great time to re-energize your health. These tips will help you embrace the warmer months for all they have to offer.

Health Tips for Spring and Summer

Get Creative with Cooling Foods

Cooling foods can help you prevent overheating. Many of them are water-rich like watermelon, cucumber, apples, honeydew, zucchini and pears. For spring, try these recipe tips:

  • Make zesty salads from dark leafy greens (spinach, arugula) paired with robust  veggies and a lemon-herb dressing.
  • Eat snacking fruits like cherries, grapes and peaches.
  • Experiment with cooling spices like dill, fennel and coriander.

Be a Kid Again

A lot of active outdoor activities can help you feel like a kid again. Think simple and go on more bike rides, play a game of driveway basketball or bust out the roller blades. Even unpacking the slip and slide can get you moving and refresh your senses.

Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Make visits to your local farmer’s market or farm store instead of a big box grocery chain. You’ll find foods that are cheaper and fresher. Not only is the produce in season, but there’s a lot more options to choose from and you’ll be helping your local economy.

Visit a Park or Nature Trail

Local, state and national parks offer a ton of adventure in the beautiful outdoors. Rent a kayak or canoe if the park has water, or find a hiking trail with lots of scenic spots. Keep an eye out for wildlife and moments that will make great pictures.

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Throw away all your expired and unused food. Deep clean your refrigerator, freezer, pantry and counters. After you’ve organized everything that is left, go grocery shopping and stock up on nutritious foods for meal prepping and making new recipes.

Start a Walking Club

Gather up your family, friends and neighbors to go walking on set nights of the week. The longer days will make it easier on everyone’s schedule. Use this time not only to exercise, but also to manage stress and connect in a social setting.

Make the Most of It!

Don’t let these beautiful spring and summer months go by without taking full advantage. Try new activities and get outside your comfort zone. Involve your family and friends in activities you can do together. Don’t overthink what it means to be healthy. Strive to eat well, move often and enjoy the little things. Your health will take care of itself!

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