Remember to Celebrate Non-scale Victories

Celebrate non-scale victories

We’ve all been there. You’re eating healthy, moving more and taking excellent care of yourself. As you step on the scale, you’re disappointed to find the number hasn’t moved the way you think it should have.

It can be disappointing and frustrating to see the number stay the same, but there are other ways to measure your progress beyond the scale. These are called non-scale victories. There are so many other positives to following a healthy lifestyle, probably more than you ever considered!

Changes in Your Body

Other than the number on the scale, what are other positive body changes you’ve experienced that don’t have anything to do with a number?

  • Do your clothes fit better? Are your pants looser? Changes in the body will often happen sooner than on the scale. They can top a weight-loss number any day.
  • Look at your muscles. Do they look more defined? As you build strength and improve your diet, you may see more muscle tone and definition.
  • What about your skin? Staying hydrated and eating healthy foods can improve the appearance of your skin.

Changes in Your Fitness Level

Note the changes you are experiencing in all your levels of fitness.

  • When you work on cardiovascular exercise, you may notice improvements in your fitness level. It may become easier to walk up the stairs without becoming winded. You may be able to take an extra lap around the block on your evening walk. These changes matter!
  • If you’ve worked on strength, do you find it easier to carry heavy boxes? Do you struggle less while carrying groceries out of the car? As your overall strength improves, daily tasks will become easier.

Changes in Your Health

Your overall health will also improve with lifestyle changes. One of the main goals of a healthy lifestyle should be your long-term health. Take a look at yours.

  • Medication changes can occur when your health improves. For example, as you modify your diet, your physician may advise you need less medicine to manage your glucose or blood pressure.
  • Stress and anxiety may decrease as lifestyle changes can reduce stress naturally.
  • Have you had your labs drawn? Many times, you will see improvements in your cholesterol with dietary changes. A healthy heart is a fantastic achievement!

Changes in Your Lifestyle and Feelings

Good mental health and taking care of yourself are both victories. If you change the way you take care of yourself and react to others, it can be a game-changer.

  • Are you able to try new things? As you are successful with new behaviors, it’s easier to become more confident in other areas of your life and try new things. Give yourself credit for expanding your horizons.
  • Prioritizing yourself is a skill. Make sure you take care of you. A little extra personal time is necessary for a healthy, balanced life.
  • Telling others no is important. Deciding what you want to spend your time on is important. Develop a life that works for you.

As you can see, a healthy lifestyle is about more than just the number on the scale. There are so many ways to measure your success if you are making lifestyle changes and managing your weight. Don’t sell yourself short! Celebrate all the non-scale victories that come your way.

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