Power-up Your Next Workout with a New Music Playlist

Refreshing your music playlist can jump-start your next workout

When’s the last time you updated your workout playlist and really gotten in the groove? Music does so much more than alleviate boredom, especially during exercise. It’s an incomparable motivator, accountability partner and all around performance booster!

Exercise Benefits of New Music

Psychological Benefits

A good song can completely renovate your attitude and put you in a different frame of mind. It can change your thought processes, influence your behavior and spark a whole range of emotions — including happiness, excitement, determination and confidence!

During a workout, this is especially helpful as strenuous movement requires a lot of willpower. A powerhouse song by your favorite pop artist can put you in high gear — ready to run that 5K, drop those squats or challenge yourself with a new set of weights and higher intensity.

Some experts also suggest that feel-good music elevates serotonin levels in your brain which can put you in a better mood before, during and after your workout.

Performance Benefits

When you feel better, you generally do better — meaning those feel-good psychological effects of listening to music can also translate to a high-performance workout.

On any given day at any time, a catchy song has the potential to lift your spirits and make you want to move — whether it’s in your kitchen, in your car or at the office. The same effect goes for exercise, especially when listening to music with a fast pace, catchy tempo or engaging lyrics.

Studies also show that when synchronized with movement, music can fuel your workout even more. For example, a rock song with a strong and steady beat can help you keep pace while running or pedaling. Music can challenge us to work harder and for longer periods of time.

Build a New Workout Playlist

If you’re starting a new fitness routine or you feel like you’re in a rut, grab your list of favorite songs and create a brand new  playlist. Fill it with vibrant songs that empower you, inspire you and make you WANT to move. Also aim for a variety of different genres and artists to keep things fresh.

In addition to finding songs that resonate with you, choose some with varying paces and tempos for different kinds of activities. A slower rock song might be good for lifting weights, while a faster pop song could be better suited for running or another form of cardio.

Finally, share your playlist with others! Most everyone appreciates new song suggestions and the opportunity to add some spark to their favorite workout (or anytime) soundtracks.

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