Hydration Can Help You Reach Your Weight-loss Goals

Hydration plays an overlooked role in weight management

You may not think those few extra glasses of water each day do much to improve your health, but you’d be wrong! Heavy research and several studies show that drinking more water can help you shed unwanted pounds and keep them off. How does it work, exactly?

Water and Calorie Consumption

A rumbling stomach often masks itself as hunger and triggers you to reach for food. But as it turns out, more than half of perceived hunger is actually a sign that you’re dehydrated.

You need a lot of water, point bank. Up to 60 percent of the adult body is made of it. On average, an adult male requires around 3 liters per day while an adult female requires about 2.2 liters.

While dieting can be especially challenging due to food restrictions, drinking your recommended daily amount of water can actually manage your appetite and help you make healthier choices.

This is because water can be quite filling — and if you feel satiated, you are far less likely to reach for high-calorie foods or beverages that make up nearly 20 percent of America’s daily intake.

Hydration and Metabolism

Did you know you can boost your metabolism by drinking a lot of water consistently? Your metabolism is the rate at which your body converts food into energy you need to live.

Drinking more water won’t give you the ability to eat a whole pizza and burn it off naturally, but it can modestly increase your basal metabolic rate and help you burn extra fat.

Water Boosts Performance

Have you ever neglected to stay hydrated throughout the day and found yourself fatigued, sluggish or downright exhausted? That feeling makes it hard to get through almost anything important. Because our bodies are water-dependent, we need it to stay alert and energized. Drinking at least eight glasses a day can boost your natural energy levels and keep you running efficiently, meaning you’re more likely to squeeze-in that extra workout.

Make Hydration a Habit

You’re a lot more likely to see sustained weight-loss if staying hydrated is a part of your daily routine. Keep a glass/bottle beside your bed to have through the night and first thing in the morning within 5-10 minutes of waking up. Instead of charting around a soda bottle or coffee mug all day, keep a trendy bottle that encourages frequent sipping. If you know you’re going to have a meal soon, front-load with water to control your appetite and cut your portions. And if you’re not one for the taste of water, consider a fruit-infuser bottle to create your own fruity flavor.

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