6 Outdoor Activities to Try before Summer Ends

Summer Outdoor Activities

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be trading in our Summer T-shirts and flip flops for Autumn-inspired sweaters, boots and beanies. Not yet ready to say goodbye to warm Summer months? Don’t worry — there’s still plenty of time to enjoy what the sunshine season has to offer!

Just like clothing and food trends, physical activity is often seasonal. There are plenty of exercises that are perfect for that “sweet spot” between Summer and Fall — so let’s get moving and take advantage of what’s left of September.

Saying Goodbye to Summer? Try these Ideas for Outdoor Activities

Spend Time in Nature

It won’t be long before the cold air starts blowing through, and you may be tempted to stay inside where the heat is. Why not squeeze some time with nature into your exercise routine? Search local nature preserves and hiking trails in your area and see what comes up. Grab a backpack, some healthy snacks packed with protein and lots of water. Lace up your tennis shoes and go exploring in the great outdoors! This is a great way to be adventurous, relieve stress and burn calories.

Spend Some Time in the Water

Summer is notorious for it’s fun-filled water activities, so take a dip! If it’s already getting cooler in your state, a heated pool is a great way to make a splash. If the weather is still warm and sunny, consider a trip to the beach, a local lake or natural spring. You can also swim in a pool from your own backyard or local community/fitness center. Not sure how to get your daily dose of exercise? Try swimming laps or participating in water aerobics.

Engage in Outdoor Sports

You don’t have to be an athlete to partake in sports. There are plenty that you can try on your own or with a team of family and loved ones! Some excellent examples include low-key games of tennis, basketball, volleyball, golf, croquet, badminton, shuffleboard and kickball. Do what makes YOU happy and energized!

Go Camping

September — it’s the time of year where it’s not too hot and not too cold. Why not pitch a tent in your backyard or at your nearest state/city park? Camping is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors and move your body. In-between campfires and trail exploring, there’s plenty of time for outdoor games and activities.

Do Some Much-needed Yard work or Gardening

September is a great time to play in the dirt! As hints of Autumn begin to sprinkle in, you may want to plant some seasonal crops or tend to your pre-existing gardening. Other home-centric outdoor activities include raking the leaves, moving the lawn, landscaping, weeding, trimming hedges or edging your driveway. While these ideas are great for burning calories, they’re also good for boosting productivity around the home!

Keep it Easy with Low-key Outdoor Workouts

You don’t have to get fancy with your workouts. Plenty of people find complete satisfaction from riding their bikes, taking a power walk or jogging through their neighborhood. Want to get your family involved? Try a game of Frisbee or ask what kind of activities your loved ones are into. Family fun is the best kind of fun!

End-of-Summer exercises can be fun, challenging and engaging at the same the same time. Before your workout routine experiences a chance-of-pace with the change of seasons, take advantage of what’s left of Summer. You might just surprise yourself!

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