Our October Favorite Finds

October Favorite Finds

Each month, we strive to bring you reliable and beneficial information to help you on your weight management journey – and October is no different!

We know that everyday, it’s easy to feel inundated by the amount of advice out there. “Eat this, not that.” “Exercise for this long, x times per week.” “Lose 5 pounds in one week with this easy, fact-based diet.”

The truth is, most of this advice and information is only good for temporary solutions. You may notice that many diets result in weight gain later down the road, which is why it’s important to focus on building long-term, healthy habits.

The below “favorite finds” from the month of October, on the other hand, provide GREAT resources and information to get you to your goals! We hope you’ll find them useful and motivational.

A Glance at Our October Favorite Finds

The Definitive Guide to Getting Injured (PTDC)

The title might startle you, but this is a great (and slightly sarcastic) read. When exercising for weight-loss, many people “overdo” it by exerting themselves too much. Everything mentioned in this guide is something you don’t want to do when working out for fitness.

5 Ways to Transition Your Kitchen to Fall ( U.S. News)

Fall is an exciting season, and there’s plenty of ways you brings your favorite Autumn traditions to life in your kitchen! From warm, tasty recipes to embracing those Fall cravings, see what you can do to make your kitchen a success for weight management.

Ask the Dietitian: Is Counting Calories or Working Out Better for Weight-loss? (My Fitness Pal)

Ahh… the timeless question. If you’re anxious about losing weight and you’re wracking your brain for the best strategy, this question may have already crossed your mind. Hear a dietitian’s perspective on the subject! The answer may surprise you.

6 Self-Care Tips to Ensure Your Fitness Success (Anytime Fitness)

Fitness isn’t just about getting up and moving. There’s a whole lot more that goes into the equation, including your mental and physical health while you exercise! Check out these essential self-care tips to perform at your best.

Is it Bad to Lose Weight Too Quickly? (Authority Nutrition)

It’s normal to want to lose weight and lose it quickly, but is it dangerous? Can fast weight-loss be maintained, and what kind of rate IS healthy? Get the answer to all of these common questions and more with this helpful article.

Do YOU Have Any Favorite Finds?

Have you come across an excellent weight/health article lately? What about a valuable resource that you’ve found helpful? Let us know by sending in your favorite finds to mstep@obesityaction.org!

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