Tips for a Fun Workout When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

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You’ve set the alarm on your phone, and now it’s time for the workout you’ve been dreading all day. Maybe you moan, groan and lace up your sneakers as you trudge to the door. Maybe you decide you can work out another time. Not feeling any motivation can be a pain!

Why am I Experiencing Burnout?

For most people, feeling unmotivated comes from the effects of burnout. In other words, your body, mind and soul are tired – making it difficult to work up the energy and stamina to exercise.

Before you push through, first ask yourself why you’re feeling this way. Burnout can come from a number of factors, including:

  • Inadequate sleep
  • Lethargy from too much food and/or little physical activity
  • Mental health (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Inadequate self-care
  • Unclear expectations of your weight management journey
  • Work-life imbalance
  • Lack of close, supportive relationships
  • And more!

Tips for a Fun Workout When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

There will always be times when we’re not “in the mood,” or we feel like setting aside our weight management goals momentarily in favor of something a little less daunting. When this happens, consider these tips for re-charging:

Build an Inspiring Workout Playlist

Build a comprehensive list of songs that are positive, upbeat and motivating. You’re more likely to move to the music and burn extra calories if you’re feeling happy and rejuvenated.

Try a Round of Yoga

Despite common misconceptions, Yoga is for all bodies. This fun exercise is perfect for building flexibility, strength and learning to relax. Try to find a how-to video online or seek out a class at a gym near you.

Call up a Friend

The company of a friend makes everything better – including your workout! Get lost in conversation to forget about the fact that you’re actually putting in work. Plus, a friend can motivate you and keep you focused on your goals!

Join a Class

Consider this tip a step up from the one above it. Group fitness ranges from cardio dance classes to aerial arts, resistance training and other unique workouts. Working alongside others can make a tough workout go by a lot more quickly.

Try Something New

Have you been performing the same routines over and over again? Kick it up a notch with a new move or a change in your environment. That kind of stimulation has the effect of making your workouts fly by and seem like an adventure.

Take it Outside

Go for an outdoor walk, run, hike or bike ride. Try a game of tennis, basketball, football or soccer. For many, being outside in nature releases endorphins and promotes relaxation. Taking it outside may give you the mental boost you need!

Make it a Competition

A small dose of healthy competition is good for anyone because it gives us a firm goal to work toward. Challenge yourself or challenge a friend to a specific workout, and award points for certain milestones/achievements!


If you learned anything from this article, we hope it’s that working out can indeed be FUN! With the right tools in hand, you can enjoy yourself during exercise and squeeze in a lot more movement. Have a plan in place, know what motivates you and go from there!

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