Myth-busting Common Exercise Claims for Weight-loss

Myth-busting exercise myths for weight-loss

Disclaimer: Before starting any exercise plan, first consult with a trusted healthcare professional.

In today’s society, we live in a sedentary world. It’s easy for us to skirt around physical activity when we have fast cars, desks we do our work at, and busy schedules that limit us on time.

Exercise can also feel like a chore. It’s not uncommon to view it as “punishment” or a “must-do” for weight-loss. We often neglect to think about it as a basic human need for good health.

It’s not surprising, then, that our perspective on exercise has room for improvement. In fact, a lot of myths surround exercise and weight-loss that escape our understanding.

Common, Untrue Exercise Claims

1. A Workout Can Make up for a Bad Day with Food.

Did you just devour a bag of potato chips while watching a Friday night movie? No problem! Just get up early for a morning run, right? Wrong.

Exercise does not make up for, or outweigh, a poor diet. Actually, most people overestimate the number of calories they burn through physical activity. If you’re eating a lot of calories, chances are, they’ll probably show up on the scale.

2. Muscle-toning is Good Enough for Exercise.

Toned muscles are nice, but the strength-based workouts that tone your muscles don’t suffice for adequate exercise. You need a range of exercise styles including cardio, endurance and strength training. This way you actually burn fat, giving your muscles a better chance at showing.

3. You Can Lose Fat in One Area.

Sit-ups for a flat stomach? Leg lifts for toned thighs? These are great workouts, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can lose fat in just one area. This is called spot reduction, and it doesn’t work because fat is lost from your whole body with influence from your genes and biology.

4. If You Don’t Feel Sore, You Didn’t Work Hard Enough.

The quality of your workout doesn’t always correlate with how sore you are. Soreness can indicate many other things, including a muscle that wasn’t stretched well enough beforehand.

5. You Have to Exercise Every Day at 100% to Lose Weight.

Exercise can be hard work, but it doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself in the process. Not every workout requires a high level of intensity. You can be just as effective at a slower pace, with lower resistance, doing various physical activities.


The above exercise claims are FALSE! Make sure you do your research on exercise and fitness before starting a plan you’re not entirely confident in. Do make a plan, though, to set goals, track your progress and stay on the wagon. If you have questions about your health and fitness, don’t be afraid to speak with your healthcare provider or a certified fitness trainer for professional advice. By taking precaution when exercising and following simple steps to improvement, you can achieve weight-loss success.

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