What Does the Science Say about Spot Training for Weight-loss?

spot training is a weight-loss myth

Have you ever set out to lose weight so you feel better in a tank top or summer shorts? Most of us have those pesky parts of our bodies that leave us feeling a little more than self-conscious.

That’s why the idea of spot training has grown to be popular. Spot training, otherwise referred to as spot reduction, is the idea of losing weight (or fat) in a particular area of your body.

The Myth about Spot Training

Spot training is a fitness myths comparable to “No pain, no gain” or “Go hard or go home.” Realistically, it doesn’t carry any scientific weight when it comes to weight-loss and health.

Truthfully, we can’t tell our bodies where to lose weight. Our biology is the ruler in this game – and for the most part, we’re genetically predisposed to store fat in certain areas.

So, while you may be thinking sit-ups are key to a flatter stomach, you might be investing time and energy into places that don’t always yield your desired results. You’re likely to gain muscle and tone-up those areas, but fat loss isn’t a 100% guarantee.

It’s All about Balance

While there’s no real merit behind spot training, this doesn’t mean you can’t work hard to improve those areas of your body you wish to target. You can lose weight and burn fat on your body as a whole with a balanced exercise program. Such a problem should have a combination of aerobic, anaerobic and strength training workouts. Try these tips:

Develop a Specific Workout Plan

Decide what days to devote to cardio exercise, resistance training and rest. A well thought-out schedule will keep you consistent and determined.

Eat a Balanced, Healthy Diet

A good workout doesn’t override a poor diet. You need lean, wholesome and balanced foods to help you manage your weight and health.

Vary Your Routine

Your workout plan should have variety so you’re working all areas of your body. For example, your cardio might may include biking, running, hiking and swimming.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water improves your skin’s elasticity, aids with metabolism, delivers nutrients to your body and so much more. It’s crucial that you drink enough of it!

Final Thoughts:

It’s normal to want to target certain areas of your body for fat-loss, but the body just doesn’t work this way. Instead, you can ensure you’re optimizing your health and working all muscle groups by keeping your routine balanced and rich with variety.

Additionally, remember that weight-loss is really about improving your health! Losing weight, gaining muscle and burning fat is meant to  promote long-lasting wellness.

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