Measuring Weight-loss Success: Motivating Tips and How-to’s

Stay on-track by recognizing and celebrating your weight-loss success

Weight-loss success doesn’t come easy. And it certainly doesn’t come without more hard work! We spend our whole lives trying to improve our health, so it’s easy for motivation to sometimes dwindle. That’s why you have to recognize success when you achieve it.

What is Weight-loss Success?

Most of us measure success with weight via a number on the scale. And some of us have a specific number in mind. Have you ever tried to lose, say… five pounds in a week-long period of time and got discouraged when the scale only budged a little or not at all?

The truth is that weight management is a lifelong journey. You will face many challenges, triumphs, setbacks and successes as you continue on. And there will be many different ways for you to measure those successes. The scale doesn’t tell you the entire picture of your hard work.

Measuring Your Success

So if the scale isn’t the be-all end-all, how else can you tell if you’re making progress?

  • You notice a difference in the way your clothes fit
  • You have more energy throughout the day
  • You wake-up and fall asleep with more ease
  • You’ve developed healthy nutrition and exercise habits
  • You have greater physical endurance
  • You notice weight-related conditions being alleviated
  • You rely less on medications to feel better
  • You have more mental clarity and an improved mood
  • Your physical measurements have changed
  • Your lab results have improved
  • Your healthcare provider has noticed your hard work

Pick-up Where You Left off

All of these successes might sound great, but what if you’ve fallen off the wagon somewhere along the way? Don’t feel defeated or discouraged. Everyone struggles and gets off-track every now and then. It’s a normal part of the process. Those challenges look different for everyone, so try to not to compare your journey with that of someone else. That’s not fair to you!

If the scale isn’t budging or it’s showing a number that is less than desirable, remember that you are on a journey. Pick back up where you left off, go back to your goals and create a game plan to get there. And remember to measure success by looking at other details beyond the scale.

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