Have a Nagging Sweet Tooth? Try these Tips to Manage it

A few quick tricks can help you manage a sweet tooth

It’s the month of all things Valentines, and the sugar rush temptation is REAL! Between chocolate assortments and romance-themed sweet treats, is your sweet tooth getting the best of you?

A nagging sweet tooth can feel like a recipe for trouble. You want to satisfy the sugar craving, but you don’t want to indulge in the extra calories or spike your blood sugar. Decisions!

Fortunately, we have some dietitian-recommended tricks up our sleeve to help you manage (and conquer…) that deep-seated desire for “just a taste” of the sweet stuff. See below!

How to Ward-off a Sweet Tooth

Try Natural Sweeteners, Not Artificial.

If you’ve got to get that “sweet” taste in somehow, go natural. Try sweet-tasting fruits that pack in extra fiber and antioxidants, such as berries, apples, oranges, kiwis or peaches. You can also try them dried or frozen. Frozen grapes make for a mind-blowing refreshing snack!

Need an additive? Consider honey or agave nectar for adding to select foods and drinks, but try to avoid artificial sweeteners that mimic real, processed table sugar.

Think Ahead of Time and Eat

Sweet cravings often happen when our blood sugar is low. To prevent this, plan to eat ahead of time before hunger strikes. This is where meal-prepping becomes especially handy, or a “snack pack” filled with healthy treats that come without the excess calories.

Cleanse Your Kitchen

You can’t indulge a nagging sweet tooth if you rid your fridge, freezer, pantry and counters from processed snacks. Do a clean sweep of these areas and save the treats for a night out!

Tell Stress to Take a Hike

Stress revs-up your levels of the hormone cortisol, which has a huge effect on appetite. Ever notice that especially after a stressful day, you reach for chocolate cake vs carrot sticks?

Find a Healthy, True Distraction

Silence the inner voice shouting, “Just a small, quick bite won’t hurt!” by snapping out of it with a healthy distraction. This could take the form of exercising, a nature walk, arts and crafts, time with friends or a tedious task you’ve been meaning to do.

Do Your Research – Read the Label

An informed consumer is typically a healthy consumer. Read the labels on your favorite processed goodies and scan for sugar, fat, sodium and carb content — just to name a few. The alarming info may sway your decision or slash your craving. Talk about a reality check!

For additional information about sugar and its effects on weight management, CLICK HERE.

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