Learn How to Give Thanks for Your Body and Your Journey

Learn how to give thanks for your body and health

In a culture hyper-focused on weight and appearance, loving your body can feel impossible. We spend so much of our energy correcting perceived flaws and chasing “perfection.” And no longer is the issue just about body image. It even boils down to our self-worth and core identity.

The Journey Matters.

As the holiday season arrives and the year closes out, it’s easy to get lost in the “what if’s” and the “Haven’t done’s.” We check-off the goals we’ve reached and re-write the unfinished ones.

Do you take this information with a grain of salt? Or, do you scrutinize your willpower and capabilities? Many of us focus on the latter and face crippling doubt for months to come.

This holiday season and beyond, remember to give thanks for your journey. Consider your starting point and the lessons you’ve learned. Look at your progress through an objective lens.

Are you on a forward path? Are you actively working towards improved health and wellness? If so, give thanks for what your body has accomplished and what it still has left to do.

A Glimpse at the New Year

These last months can be stressful with the holiday season in full-swing. Looming above you is the realization that a new year is coming. What does this mean for you and your well-being?

Giving thanks for your journey is an exercise in self-love and self-care. Continue the habit by investing in your physical, mental and emotional wellness all year long:

  • Surround yourself with a supportive and constructive team
  • Say “No” to events, questions and responsibilities if/when you need to
  • Meet with your healthcare provider(s) regularly
  • Make time for rest when you feel fatigued, stressed or doubtful
  • Write down SMART goals and reflect on them weekly
  • Treat food as fuel and cultivate sound nutrition habits
  • Make time for exercise and treat it as a reward, not a chore
  • Be gracious and gentle with your mind and body

Want more tips on self-care? We’ve covered it here on the Your Weight Matters Blog.

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