Join YWM in Recognizing Men’s Health Month this June

Men's Health Month

Did you know that women are more likely than men to visit a healthcare provider for annual examinations and preventative care? When we think about disparities in healthcare, most of us think of insurance rates, costs of procedures and disease statistics. But surprisingly, gender is one of many factors that influences the general health of our country and its citizens.

June is Men’s Health Month

This June, join the Your Weight Matters Campaign in recognizing Men’s Health Month. This initiative aims to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage men and boys to take their health seriously and be proactive with it. Health matters at any age, in any gender, in any race, socioeconomic class and more. We all have a body that isn’t guaranteed a warranty, so we should do our best to treat it with care and respect.

How to Participate

All of us can work collectively to spread awareness about the importance of men’s health. Here are some simple, easy and valuable ways you can get involved:

First, Come to YWM2019

Managing your weight is a big part of managing your health. This summer in Tampa, August 1-3, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) — Producer of this Campaign — is hosting its annual Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO. YWM2019 will bring together individuals from all backgrounds and health journeys to learn science-based weight management and be a part of an empowering community. Hear from renowned industry experts on topics ranging from nutrition and exercise to mental health, weight management treatment options, obesity-related conditions and more. View the complete Program Agenda and Registration Information.

Schedule a Wellness Exam

When did you last visit a healthcare provider for a check-up? If it’s been more than a year, schedule an appointment soon to discuss your health and do your annual labs. This is also an opportunity to catch any problems or conditions before they happen or get worse.

Measure Your Weight

Weight matters because it impacts health. CLICK HERE for information on measuring yours with tools such as a BMI calculator, tape measure, scale and more.

Talk to the Men in Your Life

Whether it’s your father, husband, brother, son or friend, have meaningful conversations with the men in your life about the importance of good health and taking the steps to get there.

Share the Your Weight Matters Campaign

Invite others you know to take the Your Weight Matters Challenge and talk to their provider(s) about their weight. If you know someone who is personally struggling with their weight, this tool might help them learn about their options and feel empowered to improve their health.

For more information on Men’s Health Month, be sure to visit: MensHealthMonth.org.

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