How to Recover from a Fitness Fallout

Bored with your workouts? Try these tips to spice them up

There’s no doubt about it: sticking to a fitness routine can be tough. Whether you’re overwhelmed with a busy schedule, lacking motivation or struggling to meet your goals, plenty of people have experienced a “fitness fallout” along the way.

How Can You Tell if You’re Facing a Fitness Fallout?

A well-rounded weight management plan consists of frequent exercise to help you burn calories, relieve stress and keep your body functioning properly. If you notice that your physical activity levels are dwindling down, you may be in a fitness rut.

Conversely, pay attention to your individual workout habits. Are you struggling to find the motivation to move? Are you unable to finish a workout and meet your specific goals? If the answer to these questions is yes, you may benefit from pressing “reset” on your fitness routine to jump-start a whole new plan.

The Recovery Process

If you’re trying to recover from that “rut” or low period, understand that you’re not alone. Many people struggle to get back up after facing challenges with their fitness goals. Here are a few key tips to help you out:

Create New SMART Goals

A solid plan is built upon a goal-oriented foundation. Make sure your goals are (1) Specific (2) Measurable (3) Attainable (4) Realistic and (5) Timely. Don’t just vow to work out more each week. Instead, consider an example goal such as this: “I plan to visit the gym at least three evenings this week to improve my cardiovascular fitness by walking, running, climbing, etc.”

Switch-up Your Routine

A fresh new environment or workout routine can do wonders. Are you bored of staring at the gym walls while you’re on the treadmill? Get outdoors and exercise in nature. Not sure if you’re arm routine is really doing it for you anymore? Try a different piece of equipment to work those muscles.

Work Out with Company

Exercising alongside a personal trainer, a friend or loved one can be motivating and fun. It allows you to bond with your workout partner, relieve stress and enjoy the company of another. You might find that you’re inspired to try something different, like a new workout or change of habit.

Check Your Motivation

Is your motivation tank running on empty? Try switching up your workout playlist, writing down motivational quotes and reflecting on your long-term future of health and happiness.

Record Your Successes and Challenges

Improvement is the cornerstone for success. A journal that records your habits, activities, thoughts, feelings, successes and challenges can help you identify areas that need more work. Once you know what to work on, you can take additional steps forward.

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