How to Plan Healthy Meals When You’re Running against the Clock

Healthy meals can be the brunt of any well-intended weight management plan. Have you ever planned your meals for the week, only to realize at the last minute you’re too short on time?

If you answered yes, it doesn’t mean you’re any less qualified to meal prep. Schedules and time windows get the best of all of us at some point. And quite often if we’re being honest!

If you find yourself frequently racing against the clock, it’s time to rethink the way you plan your menu. These strategies can help you assemble quick, healthy meals for your whole family.

Tips for Quick, Healthy Meals:

Keep it  Simple

Your meals don’t need 20 – 30 ingredients just to taste good. Keep some staples on-hand and throw them together without being afraid to experiment. And don’t feel the pressure to follow a recipe every single time. For instance, breakfast for dinner is a classic!

Cook in Batches

Instead of making one of something, make multiples and store them away to whip-out later on. Buy in bulk and cook in bulk. Sheet pan meals are a great example.

Keep Your Staples Handy

Always keep staples in your kitchen such as seasonings, your choice of milk, common veggies, whole grains, condiments and lean meats. These ingredients are often repeated in meals.

Pre-prepare on Slow Nights

If you find yourself gifted with a small abundance of time during a busy week, don’t be afraid to prep early. Chop veggies and fruits and cook and season your meats.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Kitchen clean-up takes a shockingly large amount of time. Keep it tidy throughout the week and clean as you go while you’re letting your food cook.

Work around Your Schedule

If the weeknights are a hassle after work, do your grocery shopping on Friday evenings. Try meal-prepping Sunday mornings or evenings. Know your time slots!

Involve the Family

Two or more sets of hands are always better than one! Ask your spouse or kids to join you in cooking dinner or preparing lunch. Have someone do the chopping, measuring, stirring, etc.

Your Mindset Helps, Too. 

If you set out with the intention that you’re going to get organized and meet your goals, you will! And if time gets the better of you one night, don’t dwell on what you didn’t accomplish. Always focus on what’s still in your power and work slowly to develop lifelong habits.

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