How to Plan a Vacation on Any Budget or Schedule

Tips for Taking a Vacation

As we move closer into the summer months, it might be time to consider taking a well-deserved vacation. Take some time to escape from your super-packed schedule, ringing cell phone and buzzing text messages. Time away at the beach, in the mountains or just in some new scenery can help you recharge and reset.

There are numerous benefits to taking some time off. For one, taking a break has been shown to improve mental health. Decreased stress levels and decreased burnout are associated with time off as well. Time with family improves relationships and happiness. People find that overall happiness improves when they take a break. It feels great to come back refreshed and renewed.

Vacation Rules – Where to Start

  • Find something in your time and financial budget and go with it. This might be a week at the beach, a weekend getaway or even just a day trip. There is no one way to perfectly vacation. The real purpose of a vacation is to rest, relax, reconnect and have fun.
  • Unplug… as much as you can. Part of the benefit of a vacation is getting away from your everyday life. Although it may be impossible to totally disconnect, set limits on checking emails and other notifications to give yourself a brain break.
  • Find activities you enjoy doing. What are the things you love to do, but rarely find time for? Vacation is a time to pick up that novel you’ve been wanting to read, shoot photos, or do a challenging crossword puzzle. Consider adding a new adventure into the mix. Try beach yoga, hike a new trail or visit a new restaurant. Make things interesting!
  • Don’t forget to save time specifically for downtime. Activities are great, but a balance of fun activities and rest makes the perfect mix. It’s important to make time for meditation, sleep, and maybe even some time with your favorite T.V. show.
  • No time or funds to get away? Don’t worry—consider a staycation. There are places local to you that can be just as fun as getting away. Check out your local parks and trails, see a movie or spend the day on the porch reading a book. Anything can be a vacation.
  • Don’t take a vacation from your health! It may be tempting on your weekend getaway to take a break from your healthy habits. Although it’s fine to relax a bit, make time to find a few minutes to go walking and balance your meals with healthy choices. You will feel better upon your return home.
  • Plan to reconnect with family. In the business of life, it can be difficult to dedicate quality time with family. Plan family activities such as card games, walks, or meals together. It can be so much easier to reconnect when everyone is physically together.
  • Don’t expect perfection. Picture-perfect trips aren’t the norm. Expect and plan for travel changes, fighting kids and weather issues like rain. Make the best of the time you have and enjoy your vacation no matter what pops up.

Whatever you do, own your time, maximize it and make it yours!

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