The Weight Maintenance Phase: How Can You Keep the Weight off?

Recovery time is crucial to stay effective in between workouts

You’ve worked hard to shed pounds and find a strategy that works for you. You’ve put in hard work, grit and unrelenting commitment. Now, how do you keep the weight off for good?

Aside from giving yourself a few moments of well-deserved credit, you also need a new plan to maintain your healthy weight. And no, we’re not talking uncompromising diets or near-impossible fitness plans. We’re talking sustainable habits that consider your total well being.

Six Healthy and Effective Weight Maintenance Tips

Just like weight-loss, what works for one person doesn’t always work for another! You still have to consider your personality, schedule, sex, heredity, body composition and much more.

But for the most part, experts can agree on a set of core principles that increase your likelihood of long-term weight management success. Here are just a few of them:

Give Yourself Flavor Variety

You don’t have to eat the same thing every day. Mix it up! Look for different fruits and veggies or get creative with new pasta alternatives. Combine a variety of spices into home-cooked meals or even go meatless one night a week. Diversity in your foods means diversity in nutrients!

Vary Your Exercise Activities

The same workouts challenge the same muscles and organs. A lot of your muscles you’re probably even not working at all! Aim for a well-balanced, diverse fitness plan that incorporates aerobic exercises, strength training, relaxation techniques and more.

Hold Yourself Accountable

You still need a solid way to ensure you’re heading in the right direction and keeping tabs on yourself. Write down your food and fitness habits in a journal or ask a trusted professional (or loved one) to guide you back on-course when you feel like you’ve fallen off.

Move Every Day

You don’t have to pack in an hour at the gym every evening after work, but you should aim to move regularly — whether it’s a walk after dinner, a weekend hike or a bike ride around the neighborhood. Strive for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise.

Reward Yourself and RELAX

Chronic stress wreaks havoc on your hormones and your weight. Take time to unwind, sleep and take care of your body — both mentally and emotionally. At times, this might mean rewarding yourself with something special but non-food related as a way to stay motivated.

Keep Talking to Your Healthcare Provider

Annual exams and follow-up appointments are extremely important! Maintain a working relationship with your healthcare provider to not only prevent health problems from occurring, but to manage them effectively. Don’t forget to take your annual labs!

And Remember…

These tips aren’t strictly for those maintaining their weight. Wherever you’re at with weight management, these are solid pieces of advice to help you put your health first. Even if you gain a few pounds along the way, be kind to yourself and remember that this is an ongoing journey. Shame and blame don’t get you anywhere that is healthy and sustainable!

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