How to Decide if a Weight Management Prescription is Right for You

How to decide if a weight management prescription is right for you

Did you know that working with a healthcare provider can help you manage your weight? Some providers prescribe FDA-approved medications for patients when appropriate. If you’ve ever considered taking medicine for weight-loss, there are a few things to consider first.

Ask Yourself these Questions for Beginning a Weight Management Prescription

1) How is Your General Health?

Some medications can have unpleasant side effects. You want to be sure that any new medication you take doesn’t interfere with something else you are already taking. This could actually worsen your health or a specific medical condition you have.

Your provider should be aware of supplements and medications you are on currently. This helps them determine any potential risk in starting something new. A provider must carefully determine the right treatment option for you and not prescribe something at will.

2) What Weight-loss Attempts Have You Already Made?

A healthy diet and regular exercise are important to any weight-loss plan. However, they don’t always solve everything. When your body picks up on your reduced calorie intake and increased activity, it will often release more hunger hormones. This can also slow your metabolism and prevent any further changes in your weight.

If you’re experiencing this frustrating weight “plateau,” it might be a sign to talk with your healthcare provider about medication as a weight-loss option.

3) What are Your Weight-loss Goals?

Medications for weight-loss are best used in patients who are severely struggling to lose weight. It is also an option for patients who need to lose weight to relieve a medical condition. If you only want to lose a small amount of weight for aesthetic purposes, it is generally not recommended to go the route of medication.

4) Can You Do Follow-up Care?

Medications for weight-loss are helpful, but they also carry potential risks. This is why you should regularly see your healthcare provider after starting medication. They need to monitor your weight-loss as well as any medical conditions or side effects. In some cases, with their help, your medication can be adjusted.

The Bottom Line with Prescriptions

A weight management prescription is a valid treatment option for weight-loss. However, starting a medication is a big decision. Instead of looking for something over the counter, talk to your healthcare provider about whether or not this is a good route for you. He or she can help you come to a safe and effective decision.

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