How Do I Know When I Need to Change My Weight Management Plan?

Having a solid plan in place to help you reach your weight management goals is an important part of the process! Would you start a new career without a road map to guide you? Would you buy a house without thinking through the steps to home ownership? Probably not!

Unfortunately, plans can change often. This is especially true with weight management. What we thought would be achievable may not be the case. Or, perhaps our body adjusts to our old plan and needs a new one. But how do you know when you need a complete plan makeover?

When Should I Make Adjustments to My Weight Management Plan?

There are many reasons for why it might be a good idea to switch-up your weight management plan. Success begins with a firm foundation, but that foundation can be subject to change. Consider these warning signs and ask yourself, “Should I try something new?”

You Don’t Notice Any Changes

If you don’t see a change in the number on the scale, your measurements are the same and there are no noticeable health conditions that have improved, it may be time to change your routine. However, keep in mind that progress takes time – so be patient!

Your Workouts Have Become Easier

After sticking to the same exercise routine for a while, you may notice that your workouts have become easier. Time to switch it up! Your body has gotten used to this movement. Consider a different activity, exercise longer or increase the intensity of your workout.

You Can’t Meet Your Goals

Oftentimes, we shoot too high for the time being and set our goals out of reach. If you think you may have been a little too ambitious when creating your original plan, scale it down a notch and strive for smaller, more achievable steps. There’s no shame in readjusting.

You’re Bored

Are you tired of eating the same cycle of meals? Do you dread your workouts because you’re used to them? Make changes to your diet and exercise routines that allow for greater variety. Diversity in your plan can help keep you motivated during times when progress is slow.

You Have New Goals

Goals, just like plans, change often. Maybe your healthcare provider wants you to strive for slightly different outcomes. Maybe you’ve re-calculated what you want to achieve through weight-loss and weight management. Update your goals often to stay on-track.

Enjoy the Journey

No matter where you are at in your plan, know that weight management is a journey. You started in one specific place, but the road from that point forward is subject to change. You’ll face triumphs, challenges and tough decisions, but that’s all part of the process. Trust that every positive effort you put forward along the way will send you in the direction of your goals!

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