Tips for Keeping Your Independence Day Happy and Healthy

Independence Day Fireworks

Independence Day is an exciting holiday filled with family, friends and patriotic festivities. The weather is warm, the food is great and long summer nights are perfect for colorful fireworks. What a perfect way to celebrate the USA’s Independence!

Like most holidays, however, Independence Day poses a few challenges if you are trying to manage your weight and health. At most get-togethers, food and alcohol are abundant, so staying on-track can seem almost impossible. How can you keep things healthy?

Healthy Independence Day Tips

… because when you do good, you feel good!

Eat before Attending Parties

If you are spending the holiday at a party or get-together where you know food will be present, eat before you arrive to ward off holiday hunger and strong cravings. You don’t have to avoid the food table altogether, but you will be less likely to indulge on heavy, high-calorie meals and snacks that are being served.

Bring Your Own Dishes

If you want to enjoy food around the company of other people, don’t fret. Use your own kitchen to modify popular holiday dishes and bring those with you. Lean-in to ingredients such as blueberries and raspberries, lean proteins and plenty of veggies. Festive appetizers are a great way to contribute to a potluck and monitor your diet.

Monitor Alcohol Intake

Even the most simple of alcoholic beverages are usually filled with carbs, sugars and calories. That’s not to say you can’t drink within moderation, but try to limit the amount of alcohol you consume. Try to focus on water (flavored water helps!) as the main beverage you drink throughout the day. This will also ensure you don’t get too sick or dehydrated.

Hydrate with Water

While we’re on the subject of water… keep a bottle of it handy at all times! Continue sipping on your water to stay hydrated during the extreme summer heat. You will also likely notice that your food cravings will be less overbearing.

Make Time for Activity

A holiday spent lounging around the television or food counter is not a healthy holiday. Get up and get active! Grab your family and friends and go for a group bike ride, hike or trip to the beach. Take a dip in the pool and move your body. If the heat is too much to bear and you are limited on outside time, move around your indoor environment frequently.

Enjoy Good Company

Holidays aren’t about food, alcohol or even fireworks. They are about celebrating the occasion and spending time with people whose company you enjoy. Reflect on that when you attend any parties or get togethers. It’s your company that matters!

Happy Independence Day from the Your Weight Matters Campaign to you!


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