Remember to Give Thanks for Your Weight Management Journey

Give Thanks

We give thanks for a lot of things on Thanksgiving. Our family, friends, job and even our general good health. But how many of us actually give thanks for our journey with weight?

Having an Attitude of Gratitude for Where You Are

No matter where you are on your weight management journey, you should feel proud of how far you’ve come. You’ve made the decision to take charge of your weight and seek better health. You’ve taken the time to think about your past, present and where you want to be in the future. That’s something to celebrate!

Many of us, however, are quick to reflect on the only the things our eyes can see. For example:

  • The number on the scale
  • The way our clothes fit
  • Our physical appearance
  • Compliments from other people

While these things may seem important, they fail to recognize what our ultimate goal should be: health. And every step forward we take on our journey, we get closer and closer to the kind of health we want to have. Health that increases our quality of living and adds years to our lives.

Things to be Thankful for

Still not quite sure how to be thankful for your journey with weight and health? That’s okay. Weight can be a taboo subject to talk about, much less the topic of conversation at the dinner table when we take turns saying what we’re grateful for. But consider these reasons to give thanks:

  • You Have a Support System Including our doctor, family, friends, counselors, spouse/partner, etc.
  • You’ve Taken the First Step – The hardest part is over with. You’ve committed to seeking the best health you can through weight management.
  • Your Journey Teaches You Valuable Lessons Including patience, persistence, forgiveness, resilience and strength.

No matter what your weight management journey looks like at this very moment, you have something to be grateful for! We encourage you to take some time during this special day and season to reflect on how far you’ve come and what you’re looking forward to. The Your Weight Matters Campaign wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!

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