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If you’ve yet to take the Your Weight Matters Challenge, you’ve come to the right place! We understand that the journey with weight and health can often be difficult and overwhelming, no matter where along the journey you happen to be. However, taking the Campaign Challenge is the first step in making a long-lasting difference in your weight and health — and it might even be the most important one!

One tangible benefit to taking the challenge is the FREE Campaign toolkit you’ll receive in the process. By signing up for the challenge, you’ll receive this free resource that is designed to help you prepare to talk to your healthcare provider about your weight and health. And, if you’ve already taken the first step by accepting the Your Weight Matters Challenge, the toolkit is an excellent resource for moving forward on your journey.

What Can the Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit Do for You?

Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit

The Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit was specially designed with YOU in mind. It aims to:

  • Help you understand the connection between weight and health
  • Educate you on weight-loss options that are safe and effective
  • Prepare you for the discussion of weight and health with your healthcare provider

Inside the toolkit, you’ll find an abundance of information to get you started on your journey with weight and health — from how to talk to your doctor to how to decipher between different weight-loss options that are available to you. By taking the Your Weight Matters Challenge and receiving your toolkit, you’ll have access to the following topics:

  • Weight and Health
  • toolsHealth and Wellness Tips
  • Emotional Issues with Weight
  • Weight-loss Options
  • Benefits of Weight-loss
  • Sample Questions for You to Ask Your Healthcare Provider
  • Sample Questions Your Healthcare Provider May Ask You
  • Food Journal
  • toolkitBody Mass Index (BMI) Chart
  • And More!

By educating yourself and equipping yourself with the tools provided in the Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit, you’ll be better prepared to have that first conversation with your healthcare provider and take an important first step on your journey with weight and health. Let’s get started together!

If you’ve yet to take the Your Weight Matters Campaign Challenge and receive your FREE toolkit, but you’d like to today, please CLICK HERE.

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