Why Are You Tired While Trying to Manage Your Weight?

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Many people who are on the weight management journey complain of feeling tired or exhausted along the way. Fatigue can range from mild to very severe, and it can even be debilitating enough to decrease your quality of life.

Why Might You be Tired?

There are many reasons for why you may be experiencing a lack of energy as you manage your weight. Some of it may be biological, while some if it can be due to behavior you can fix all on your own. Let’s take a deeper look into why exhaustion may be occurring:

Nutritional Deficiences

If you’re not incorporating the right foods into your diet, or you’re simply not eating enough, you may be lacking key nutrients. Iron and Vitamin B12 are just a couple of examples. If you’re unsure about what kind of nutrients you may be missing, consider consulting a nutritionist or getting a blood test.

Not Enough Physical Activity

Sure, too much exercise can leave you feeling weak and exhausted, but the same can be said for not enough exercise. Sedentary behavior can lead to weight gain and a loss of muscle mass which results in less stamina and more fatigue.

Biological and Physical Disorders

The list for this reason is extensive, but many internal disorders can cause you to be tired. Exampled include: Thyroid disorders, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, adrenal gland disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia, cancer etc. Scheduling regular physical examinations is a great way to stay on top of your weight but also your overall health.

Mental Health

Despite what many people think, physical health and mental health are closely connected. Conditions such as recurring anxiety and depression can leave you feeling drained of energy. Always make sure to take your mental health seriously, and care for your mind when it’s not feeling the best.


Medications are supposed to make you feel better, but they often come with side effects. For many medications, fatigue can be one of them. Talk to your doctor if fatigue begins to get in the way of everyday activities.

Want More Information about Fatigue and Weight Management?

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