Get in Gear for the Holidays with Our November Music Playlist!

november music playlist

It’s post-Thanksgiving and you may be feeling the Turkey Day “slump.” But the holidays aren’t over yet! With December on it’s way, you may be in need of a total revamp of your workout music playlist to stay motivated this season.

Granted, there is lots of hustle and bustle to keep you busy all month long. Between shopping, holiday vacations and your regular everyday errands, you’ve probably got a lot to do. However, nothing compares to an old-fashioned workout that burns calories, releases endorphins and keeps you on-track for weight management!

To help you add a holiday twist to your workout music playlist, we’ve scouted out some inspiring, feel-good songs that are sure to get you moving and grooving. You can even listen to them while you’re doing your holiday shopping! Check out these motivational songs below.

Jump-start Your Holiday Workouts with this Inspirational Music Playlist

Inspire Others by Submitting Your Own Transforming Playlist!

Do YOU have any music that inspires you to stay active and increases your focus on your goals? We want you to share them so others can benefit!

To help motivate others with the same music that has inspired you, simply follow these steps:

  • First, build your own Spotify playlist with the songs you love and want to share. Try to include enough songs for about 45 minutes – one hour’s worth of listening. As a guideline, try to pick songs and albums that you believe will help uplift others during their workouts. Also, try to include music that is free of profanity and explicit language.
  • Next, share your Spotify playlist by emailing the link to [email protected]. We may add your music to next month’s Your Weight Matters workout playlist!
  • If you don’t want to build and share an entire playlist, you may use the email listed above to submit individual songs.

Looking for More Motivation?

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