Our Favorite Finds: October 2016

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The journey with weight and health is filled with triumphs, challenges, plateaus and even confusion at times. Managing that journey, however, is a lot easier when you have plenty of support and resources to lean on. The right tools and education can provide you with the focus, knowledge and determination you need to find success along the way! To help you find those victories and to keep them coming, the Your Weight Matters Campaign strives to provide you with the support you’re searching for and the kind of information you can trust.

This October, we’ve searched a variety of blogs, videos, articles and other resources to bring you information you can use to fuel your progress! Check out our newest fresh and exciting finds!

7 Fall Activities that Burn Calories (MyFitnessPal Infographic)

October may be over, but the fall season is still in full swing! With this fun infographic, MyFittnessPal shows you some exciting ways to stay active and burn calories this coming November. More than just the typical run, walk, ride or gym session, each of these activities are fall-themed and engaging, which means you’ll have a good time while you’re getting exercise and keeping your body healthy!

Sharing My Meal Prep Secrets (Nutrition Blog Network)

With a busy schedule on everyone’s plate, meal-prepping is gaining increasing popularity. If you’re trying to ease back on those lunchtime trips to the drive-thru or the closest restaurant, this blog post offers some great tips! Not only does meal-prepping save you time and money, but it’s a great way to stay healthy with nutritious food and to keep yourself accountable.

For some, however, meal-prepping can be a challenge because of a lack of inspiration or simple nutrition knowledge. In this blog post, one registered dietitian breaks down the process into tips you’ll understand and benefit from!

10 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Weight-loss Goals When Life Get’s Crazy (U.S. News)

Your journey with weight and wealth, just like any other journey or parts of your life, can fall by the wayside when you get distracted. Our jobs, finances, families, extra-curricular activities and responsibilities usually demand a lot of time, especially when they begin to pile up! However, that doesn’t mean you have to let your goals for weight and health stay still while you take care of your business.

This helpful read offers 10 important ways for you to stay focused on those goals when your life gets hectic. If you’re feeling the burden of being pulled in too many different directions, take a step back and keep these tips in mind! You’ll be healthier and happier because of it.

Your Brain and Exercise (Time.com)

When examining the impact of fitness on health, most of the resources available to us show the benefits that physical activity can have on our body. But what about the opposite? How does a lack of exercise impact our body and our day-to-day activities?

This interesting read (with a video included!) from Time.com breaks down the way our brains and our bodies need exercise to thrive. By showing us what happens with a lack of adequate physical activity, we’re able to see just how important fitness really is! This article is not only informative, but it’s a great motivator to get up and get active for a large variety of reasons.

Make Your Exercise Regime Matter (LiveFitLean)

We know that everyone’s journey with weight and health is different, just as everyone’s goals, limitations and personalities are also different. Why should our exercise regime be any different?

LiveFitLean helps inspire your workout plans by showing you why it’s important to develop your own unique way of exercising. While it’s important to juxtapose your diet with exercise and to get an adequate amount of physical activity, it’s just as important to find the physical activity that appeals to YOU! Your workouts should leave you feeling refreshed and happy, not defeated and discouraged. Before you begin modeling your own plan off of others, give this article from LiveFitLean a read!

Does Food Combining Work? Fact or Fiction (Authority Nutrition)

The philosophy of food combining has been around for decades and even centuries, but has made a comeback in the recent past. Food combining, which consists of pairing the right kinds of foods and conditions together to reap maximum health benefits, is one method that people frequently refer to in attempts to improve their weight and health.

Does food combining really work? Is there any science behind it? In this worthwhile read, one registered dietitian debunks the mysteries surrounding this popular philosophy.

The Best Fruits and Veggies to Throw on the Grill (Healthy Dining Finder)

Resources for your weight and health don’t always have to be so scientific! As Fall continues to thrive, cooler temperatures make it more tempting to go outside and fire up grill! Rather than load it up with tons of meats and starches, though, consider throwing on some of Healthy Dining Finder’s fruit and vegetable suggestions!

By adding these healthy foods to your grill, you’re packing in some powerful nutrition while adding variety to your palate at the same time. Fruits and veggies don’t have to be reserved for raw snacks and salad — they’re perfect for grilling out in the Autumn weather!

Do YOU Have Any Favorite Finds?

If you’ve come across any helpful articles, inspirational reads, motivational words or useful information, we want to know so we can share it with other campaign challengers! To share your resources with us, simply drop your favorite finds in the comments below or email them to mstep@obesityaction.org. 

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