Our Favorite Finds: February 2017

February Favorite Finds

The winter months are slowly passing and 2017 is moving right along. Although the “fresh start” feelings that January and February often bring may be fading away, the journey with weight and health is ongoing!

While it’s important to make that very journey a priority in your life, we know all too well that there is an overwhelming flood of information out there that can seem as though it’s steering you in different directions. Different messages featured online, in magazine, television ads and health publications often produce conflicting advice, so the Your Weight Matters Campaign makes it a priority to bring you reliable “favorite finds” each month to help with the process.

Inspiration and Ways to Love Yourself (Bariatric Pal)

February is the month where LOVE is celebrated, but we’re not just talking about your family or significant other! Success on your journey with weight and health also depends on your ability to love, respect and appreciate yourself, and that’s exactly what Bariatric Pal helps you to do.

From balancing “tough love” with forgiveness to rewarding yourself for your accomplishments, there are plenty of creative ideas in this blog post to show your own mind and body some love. February might have come to a close, but treating yourself positively should always be an ongoing effort!

7 Secrets to Mindful Eating (Spark People)

You hear the term “mindful eating” a lot. That’s great, but how do you actually implement mindful eating into your nutrition plan? Spark People does an excellent job at offering a few simple strategies.

Whether you’re working hard to identify your body’s internal cues or eliminating unhelpful distractions, there are plenty of ways to be a more conscious consumer of food. Take a look at some of the ones that Spark People suggests, and you may just find yourself on the way to healthier nutrition habits!

A Fitness Approach that Really Can Help Everyone (Anytime Fitness)

While it’s true that fitness and exercise look different for every individual, there are some universal truths that apply to everyone. Take a look beyond specific fitness routines and workout plans. Instead, look at what we all have in common — our instinctive need to move, get active and use all parts of our body!

By understanding a few basic concepts, Anytime Fitness illustrates one fitness approach that applies to everyone. Not sure where to start when it comes to meeting your recommendations for physical activity? This blog post is a good place to begin.

The Hidden Benefits of Exercise (Exercise Right)

For many people, the drive to exercise consists of the desire to simply lose weight and get fit. This approach to fitness, however, doesn’t take into consideration some of the other powerful benefits of regular physical activity!

Consistent exercise helps boost brain function, relieve anxiety and improve overall confidence — just to name a few benefits. Discover more about the amazing ways that exercise can improve your overall quality of life with this motivational read from Exercise Right.

Shop Smarter: 6 Common Food Labels, Decoded (Daily Burn)

One aspect of being a “smart consumer” and mindful eater is to be aware of food labels before making a decision to purchase or eat something. However, food labels can be complex and confusing — so how exactly can we make the healthiest decisions if we really don’t understand what we’re looking at?

The Daily Burn analyzes a handful of nutrition components appearing on popular food labels. Take a look and see if you recognize any of them! Then, use what you learn when shopping for and preparing your own healthy food.

What Should I Eat? (Psychology of Eating)

“What should I eat to lose weight?” That’s a question that you probably hear all too often, and it’s one that nutritionists, doctors and dietitians often debate. The truth, however, is that the “right” nutrition is different for every individual, which means it’s important to discover what works for you. This post from Psychology of Eating shows you how to identify your own nutritional needs, listen to your body and eat what’s beneficial for YOUR health.

5 Habits to Keep Your Heart Healthy (MyFitnessPal)

As you may recall from an earlier blog post, February is the time of year in which we observe American Heart Month. You’re also probably well aware that what you eat not only affects your weight, but it also has a significant impact on the health and functionality of your heart!

So, take the importance of heart health and carry it with you well beyond the month of February. MyFitnessPal shows you 5 simple habits you can participate in daily to make for a stronger, healthier heart.

Do YOU Have Any Favorite Finds?

If you’ve come across any helpful articles, inspirational reads, motivational words or useful information, we want to know so we can share it with other campaign challengers! To share your resources with us, simply drop your favorite finds in the comments below or email them to mstep@obesityaction.org.

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