Exercise Spotlight: Alternative Ways to Get Active

kayaking Alternative Forms of Exercise

When it comes to getting your recommended amount of physical activity per week, “exercise” doesn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, there are many alternative forms of exercise that don’t fit conventional definitions of a “workout” or “fitness routine.” This just goes to show you that there’s more to physical activity and exercise than going to the gym, using expensive workout equipment and breaking a sweat that you’re not excited to break!

According to the Department of Health and Human Servicesthe recommended amount of physical activity for adults is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity (such as brisk walking or tennis), or 75 minutes each week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity (such as jogging or swimming laps).

So, if you’re looking to shake up the way you think about exercise, just what other alternative forms of exercise are out there? Let’s explore a few of them below.

5 Alternative Forms of Exercise

When it comes to meeting your weekly physical activity recommendations, think outside the box! Consider the following exercises/workouts to get your blood pumping and your body moving.

  • Geocaching – Bring the treasure hunts from your childhood days back to life with a new adventure trend: geocaching! By downloading a geocaching app, using your phone’s GPS and physically traveling to different coordinates, you can discover real-life secret finds while getting active at the same time.
  • Recreation Leagues – Team sports aren’t just for professional athletes and younger children. You can join a recreation league at any age, so long as your doctor has approved you for this kind of physical activity. What games interest you? Be it kickball, soccer, tennis or even bowling, team sports are an excellent way to get active and have fun while socializing.
  • Rock Climbing – Most people don’t consider rock climbing when they think about exercise, but it’s one of the best arm/back/forearm workouts you can find. Challenge yourself and climb to new heights – literally!
  • Hiking – One of the greatest things about hiking is that you can do it in any kind of terrain. You can choose to hike in forests, national parks, flat lands or even alongside the beach for a powerful resistance workout! Grab a backpack, fill up with water and healthy snacks, and get moving to new destinations.
  • Kayaking/Canoeing – Want to get out in the water, but you’re not a big fan of swimming? Kayaking and/or canoeing may be the way to go. Each of these activities is an excellent way to work out your arms and shoulders, especially if you’re trying to incorporate resistance exercise into your routine.

Looking for Other Ways to Spice Up Your Definition of Exercise?

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