6 Tips for Creating a Successful Exercise Routine

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Disclaimer: Before beginning any kind of exercise plan, please consult your doctor first. 

If you’re not already an avid exerciser, jumping into the fitness journey can seem confusing. While many people prefer a rigid structure that a gym and/or personal trainer can provide, others may find greater success in an exercise routine that allows them to be flexible and creative.

What kind of exercise routine is the best for you and your goals? Fortunately, figuring out this question is something that requires more self-analysis than simply researching what others have had success doing.

Develop the “Perfect” Exercise Plan with these Tips

While there’s no such thing as a perfect plan, you can customize your own routine to perfectly fit your own physical and mental health goals. Consider these things first:

  • Combine Workout Types – Aerobic, anaerobic and strength training exercises – these are all important for developing a routine that is well-rounded and targets your heart, lungs and muscles.
  • Pick Exercises You Enjoy – If you don’t enjoy your workout, you’re less likely to be consistent with exercise. Choosing workouts you enjoy can give you motivation, stimulation and encouragement.
  • Work with, Not Against, Your Schedule – Timing is everything! Work out during times when you are awake, energized and flexible on timing – such as in the mornings before work or in the evenings before bed.
  • Keep an Activity Log – Use this log almost like a food journal, but for exercise! Write down when you exercised, what activity you did, how you felt and how you’d like to improve.
  • Vary Your Routine – Switching up your routine keep things fresh, fun and motivating. Are you burned out at the gym? Try taking your routine outdoors with some creativity.
  • Customize a Workout Playlist – The right lyrics, energetic beats and motivating rhythms from your favorite songs can keep you feeling empowered throughout each workout!

Your workout routine should suit your specific needs and personality, so it’s important that you create one thoughtfully and carefully. And remember: as you improve in fitness, there’s always room to adjust your routine and change direction!

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