Assembling a Healthy Grocery List: Your How-to Guide

Assembling a healthy grocery shopping list

With a thorough grocery list in hand, shopping for healthy food can be a breeze! Although grocery shopping can seem daunting to even the most savvy consumers, it certainly doesn’t have to be. All you need is a game plan you can stick to with confidence.

Why the List Truly Matters

Have you ever gone to the grocery store on an empty stomach or looked to the shelves for inspiration? If so, you’ve likely felt the sting of overwhelming temptation – and that’s not exactly easy on your wallet or your health!

When we’re hungry, or when we’ve ditched the grocery list in favor of “just winging it,” we’re more likely to grab food items that aren’t conducive to our weight management goals. We fill our carts with sweet treats, processed foods and anything we can whip up in a flash to eat. These foods aren’t always whole or healthy, and we often end up wasting time and money.

Tips for Drafting Your Grocery List

Grocery lists can be added to or trimmed down at any point during your shopping journey, so don’t worry about perfecting it beforehand. The key is to come up with a steady list of food items that will sustain you for a week or longer.

Consider these tips when assembling your list with weight in mind: 

Plan Your Meals in Advance

What healthy meals will you make for breakfast, lunch and dinner? What about snacks to power you through the day? Think about all the ingredients you’ll need to plan your meals and be prepared. This will alleviate stress later on.

Aim for Food Diversity

Try to grab food items that derive from all areas of the food pyramid, give or take. This includes lean meats, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy items and whole grains. Staying well-balanced is key to a healthy plate and a healthy diet.

Keep Your List Organized

Think about the different sections of the grocery store and try to assemble your list the same way. For instance, keep all produce in one section and all frozen food items in another. This will help you cut time in half at the store.

Add Foods as You Go

You don’t have to build your list all at once. Perhaps you start at the beginning of the week and add items as you think of them. Keep your list on the refrigerator or in a mobile phone app for easy access as you need it.

Be Realistic

Most of us set out to make our grocery lists with good intentions, but we forget the reality factor. Try to be mindful of the portions you will need and the amount of food you can realistically consume. This will also help your budget!

And When You’re Already at the Grocery Store…

Perhaps you’ve forgotten your grocery list at home, or you’ve decided that you need more items in your shopping cart. How else do you make healthy decisions at the grocery store? For additional information, CLICK HERE.

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