August Wisdom: 7 Quotes to Fuel Your Journey

August Wisdom Motivational Post

“Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?” – Dennis and Wendy Mannering

If you’re powering through the sweltering August heat, you may be feeling the same kind of “burnout” with your own weight and health. As the year progresses, it can become increasingly difficult to stick to your commitments, stay inspired and keep moving forward toward your weight management goals.

If you find yourself a victim to burnout, mental and physical weariness, know that you’re not alone. Neither are you “lazy, weak or uncommitted,” as many people tend to believe of themselves.

This August, take control of your weight and health goals with some special August wisdom we’ve selected just you! These inspiring, motivational quotes are meant to help fuel you on your journey, renew your commitments to health and remember that you’re never “too far” away from where you want to be.

August Wisdom: 7 Empowering Quotes to Fuel You on Your Journey

August Wisdom 1

August Wisdom 2

August Wisdom 3


August Wisdom 4

August Wisdom 5

August Wisdom 6

August Wisdom 7

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