5 Ways to Squeeze Exercise into the Work Day

exercise and the work day

Just imagine all of the things you could get done if work didn’t get in your day! That’s what many people dream about if they’re trying to manage their weight-related goals with the busy realities of their lives.

Perhaps you want to put in more time at the gym, or you haven’t figured out what times of the day work best for a workout. No matter your scenario, one things stays the same: Squeezing in exercise into the work day can be difficult.

The Importance of Physical Activity

Even the best of us get sidetracked by our day-to-day activities, even if weight-loss or weight maintenance is one our goals. It’s a common problem faced by almost everybody working hard to manage their health.

However, the importance of physical activity should not go overlooked. Consistent exercise gives your body the strength and endurance it needs to fuel-up for day-to-day tasks and maintain overall health. Even the smallest pieces of movement collectively add up to help you reach your goals. For example, the workout you get from cleaning your house and mowing your yard weekly can add-up to a great deal of exercise that helps your body stay strong and functional.

5 Tips for Squeezing Exercise into the Work Day

You may feel like exercise is nearly impossible when it has to compete with your regular errands, such as taking care of your family, working all day and maintaining your household. They key is think outside the box. Here are some tips to make it happen

  • Exercise in the Morning – You’re drained at the end of your work day. Period. Try working out in the morning where you gain most of the day’s energy to keep you moving. You’ll also boost your mood by releasing endorphins early on!
  • Move during Lunch – Eating snacks/food right before or after your lunch can give you the time you need to move during your break period. If there’s a park nearby, try walking along the grass and sidewalks. Maybe you just want to take a walk around the area, or perhaps there’s a fitness facility in your office or nearby.
  • Walk to/From Work – This may only be an option if you work nearby to home, but getting that extra walking time twice a day can make a big difference in your health. Even five – ten percent weight-loss greatly reduces your risk of weight-related diseases.
  • Sit on an Exercise Ball – If you work in an office setting, consider using an exercise ball to work on your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core. Leaving a set of weights in the office to lift during a couple free moments can also help tremendously.
  • Take Standing Calls/Meetings – If a conference table isn’t needed for a meeting, why not take a group walk to discuss work business? A 20 minute meeting while walking around the block can be an excellent way to multitask.

It may seem impossible to find time to work out during your busy word schedule, but all you have to do is be strategic and creative!

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