5 Apps You Can Try for Improved Fitness


Phone apps and other forms of technology often take the blame for many of our sedentary habits. Spending too much time on our phones, looking at our computer screens or watching television can prevent us from getting up and getting active. This is especially problematic as today’s society continues to see advances in technology because we’re eager to keep up with the new trends and growing progress.

Fortunately, we also have the opportunity to use technology to our advantage — especially on your journey toward improved weight and health! Fitness apps are becoming a popular way to improve our health, increase physical activity and get into shape. By offering plenty of motivation, organizational skills and a health-minded community to get social with, fitness apps have tons to offer anyone on the weight management journey. Check out a few of them below!

Get Active with these Popular Fitness Apps

  • Pocket Yoga – This app allows you to practice yoga anytime, anywhere. Choose your own yoga practices by deciding the duration, difficulty, skill level and time commitment that you want. The app offers different inspirational environments that you can pick from and unlock as you progress, and it also provides a variety of classes and demonstrations to help you through your routines.
  • Sworkit – Sworkit stands for “Simply Work It” and offers a variety of exercises demonstrated by professional trainers. Choose from strength training, cardio, yoga, stretching… you name it! You can also choose from standard workouts, or customize your own by deciding length, intensity, areas of the body you want to target and more. It’s a great way to add variety to your workouts!
  • C25K (Couch to 5K) – This is an excellent app for anyone who wants to try running but doesn’t know where to start. It offers a free eight-week training program that gives users three workouts per week to prepare them for a 5k distance event. Even if you’re not looking to complete any races, it’s a great tool for designing cardio workouts and for getting you into shape for running —wherever, whenever!
  • Runtastic – Runtastic lets you track your runs, bike rides and other fitness and sports activities.  With your phone’s GPS, you’ll be able to monitor your distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned and more! It’s an excellent resource for challenging yourself with each workout and tracking your improvement.
  • Nike + Training Club – This top-rated fitness app is fully loaded with 100+ workouts for you to try with audio and visual guidance from expert trainers and athletes. You can personalize your own training plan and adapt as you go, and by logging your activities to keep track of your routines, you’ll be able to see your progress and know what areas to work harder in.

Do You Have a Favorite Fitness App?

Show us your favorite apps that have helped you to stay motivated, get active and track your progress. You just might inspire other Campaign Challengers to download them and get moving! Share with us in the comments below or email mstep@obesityaction.org.

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