YWM2020-VIRTUAL: Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

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Last week, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) hosted the first event of its virtual Your Weight Matters Convention, which is designed to equip attendees with evidence-based education and tools for managing weight and health from the industry’s leading experts. YWM2020-VIRTUAL had a groundbreaking and empowering first day with more than 2,000 registered attendees and 1,700 live views! CLICK HERE for a recap of Event #1.

July 18th: What You Can Look Forward to

The next event of YWM2020-VIRTUAL is taking place Saturday, July 18th, once again at 1 pm EST on YWMConvention.com/live. Here’s a run down of the can’t-miss sessions you can look forward to and what information will be covered.

Session 3: Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight and Keep it off?
1:15 – 2:00 pm EST

The journey with weight can feel like an uphill battle. As if weight-loss alone wasn’t hard enough…keeping it off just adds to the struggle! You might be wondering, “Why can’t I just shed the weight and be done with it? I’m exhausted!”

Weight management is a lifelong journey, no matter what direction the scale is going in. So knowing this, it would be helpful to uncover the “why” that we all want to know! This insightful session will feature Kevin Hall, PhD, an expert research scientist from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as he dives into the physiological aspects of our bodies that makes weight-loss and weight management so challenging. Most importantly, he will provide you with practical tools to make long-lasting lifestyle changes that promote overall health and benefit your weight.

Session 4: “Eat Less, Move More” – We Know it’s Not that Simple: Finding Your Evidence-based Approach
2:10 – 2:55 pm EST

You’ve likely heard time and time again that “eating less and moving more” is the simple, common-sense answer to weight-loss. If that’s all it took, why do so many people struggle to take off pounds and avoid regain? Behavior changes are an important tool in weight management, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg!

In this session, explore all the tools available to help you with weight control that are backed by evidence. Christopher D. Still, DO, FACN, FACP, Director the Geisinger Center for Nutrition and Weight Management and the Obesity Research Institute, will walk you through the full continuum of science-based obesity care and weight management – including lifestyle modifications, programs, prescription medications, bariatric surgery and others. As you start to think about weight differently, you’ll see why leaning on the science is the best way to decide your personal approach.

CLICK HERE to learn more about YWM2020-VIRTUAL or register to attend!

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