YWM Workout Music Playlist – July 2016


Music can influence just about every part of our lives, and that means our fitness goals as well! Many people find that playlists and working out to the right songs can help them stay focused, motivated and on track. Sometimes, it helps to have the right lyrics, rhythms and beats to push you harder and help you stay energized while you exercise.

This month, we have a special July Spotify playlist created by Michelle Vicari just for you to listen to while you exercise and work toward your goals. Michelle is a fellow campaign challenger who submitted her playlist and is excited to share her music motivation with you! If you’re interested in building and sharing your own playlist like Michelle, see details below.

The full track list is about 1 hour of of energetic, inspiring music from a variety of genres to help you reach your goals this week and stay active!

Check it out:


Submit Your Own Spotify Music Playlist

Do you have any specific songs you enjoy listening to when you work out? We encourage you to share them with us!

First, build your own Spotify playlist with the songs you want to share. Try to include enough songs for about 45 minutes – 1 hour’s worth of listening. As a guideline, share music that you think will help motivate, uplift and encourage people during workouts and that does not include any profanity or explicit language.

Next, share your Spotify playlist by emailing the link to mstep@obesityaction.org. We may add your music to next month’s YWM Workout Playlist! This is a great way to help others with the same music that has helped you.

Looking for More Motivation?

You can check out our last YWM Playlist by clicking here.

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