Why You Should Support Obesity Care Week 2020

Save the Date for Obesity Care Week 2020, March 1-7, and join the fight in changing the way we care about obesity

If you or a loved one personally struggles with weight, you know just how complex those challenges can be. Not only is struggling with weight a physical and mental/emotional challenge, but it can also be a challenge to face things like weight stigma or problems seeking care and treatment.

Obesity Care Week 2020

Next month (March 1-7) is Obesity Care Week 2020, an awareness campaign that aims to shine a light on obesity and all the complex challenges so many people face with their weight.

  • OCW Mission: To advance a science and clinically-based understanding of obesity and widespread access to respectful, comprehensive and appropriate care.
  • OCW Vision: A society that understands, respects and accepts the complexity of obesity and values science and clinically-based care.

OCW2020 is supported by more than 50 countries and 55 healthcare-focused organizations worldwide. From advocating for fair treatment of obesity to ending weight bias, the campaign aims to raise awareness, educate and advocate for a better world for people who struggle with weight.

What to Expect and How to Get Involved

Each day of OCW2020 is dedicated to highlighting issues impacting people with weight struggles:

  • March 1st: Launch Day
  • March 2nd: Weight Bias Day
  • March 3rd: Obesity Treatment Day
  • March 4th: World Obesity Day
  • March 5th: Access to Care Day
  • March 6th: Childhood Obesity Day
  • March 7th: “I Care” Day

Throughout the week, the campaign will share important messages and action opportunities to make a difference in these issues. We encourage you to follow along! You can learn more about Obesity Care Week and how to get involved by signing-up for OCW2020 Alerts: ObesityCareWeek.org/ocw-alerts

Click Here to Sign-up for OCW2020 Alerts

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