Why is Weight-loss So Hard? Do You Want to Be a Food BOSS?

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Weight-loss isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. Not only do physical challenges seem to get in the way, like your natural physiology, but so do mental challenges like struggling in your relationship with food.

The physiology behind weight and the role food plays in our lives are two of the most popular topics in the industry. Fortunately, there’s a free event series coming next month in July that will a deep dive into both, and you can register for it now. YWM2020-VIRTUAL is for anyone seeking answers about weight and health.

Why are Weight-loss and Weight Maintenance Both So Hard?

Kevin Hall, PhD, will answer this frequently asked question at YWM2020-VIRTUAL as he explains how the body adjusts metabolism to resist weight-loss and what can be done about it.

Dr. Hall is an expert research scientist from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). His main research interests are the regulation of food intake, macronutrient metabolism, energy balance and body weight. In addition to receiving many rewards for his research, Dr. Hall also developed the award-winning Body Weight Planner that has been used by millions of people to predict how diet and exercise dynamically interact to affect weight. He also did a well-known study following contestants from “The Biggest Loser” — a weight-loss reality TV show — and published noteworthy research showing the effectiveness of modest diet and exercise efforts compared to more strenuous ones.

This insightful session will tackle:

  • Why we struggle with weight-loss and maintenance
  • How the body reacts to weight changes
  • Practical tools to make lifestyle changes that benefit weight

Become a Food BOSS: Manage Stress Eating, Beat Food Boredom and Learn How to Feel in Charge

This empowering session will be presented by Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN, CSSD, LDN. Ms. Blatner is a nationally-acclaimed dietitian, TV personality and author of The Flexitarian Diet and The Superfood Swap. She is also the winning coach of the ABC weight-loss reality show “My Diet is Better than Yours.” Ms. Blatner is well-known for her refreshing and inspiring approach to food, and she is requested to speak around the country each year!

Topics to be highlighted in this energizing session:

  • Identifying and addressing unhealthy relationships with food
  • Shifting your food mindset
  • Truly enjoying and finding peace in your relationship with food
  • Feeling confident and empowered in the food choices you make every day

To view more topics being presented at YWM2020-VIRTUAL, Click Here to view the full schedule. Visit YWMConvention.com for more information about this can’t-miss series!

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