What You Should Look for in a Healthcare Provider

Here are some factors you should look for in a healthcare provider

Your healthcare provider (HCP) plays an important role in managing your weight. From helping you measure your weight to equipping you with tools and offering support, the partnership you develop with your HCP can make all the difference.

With that said, talking about weight can be hard. But if you carefully select a healthcare provider you feel confident in, managing your weight can be a lot easier.

Everyone deserves healthcare that is respectful, affordable, comprehensive and effective. You should feel comfortable with the guidance and care you receive. Consider these tips for identifying a healthcare provider or practice ahead of time.

Your Healthcare Provider: What to Look for

Do They Use People-First Language?

Words like “fat” or “obese” label patients with their condition. Look for providers who talk respectfully about weight. For example, if weight is a topic, they could say, “You have obesity. Let’s work together on developing a plan that fits your needs.”

Are They Knowledgeable about Treatment Options?

Diet and exercise don’t solve everything. Find a provider who knows about other treatment options. Some include medication, commercial programs and in some cases, bariatric surgery.

Are They Accommodating?

Does your provider or their practice have seating areas for all sizes? What about office supplies and equipment like scales, blood pressure cuffs and hospital gowns?

Do They Make You Feel Comfortable?

Your provider is part of your support system. The relationship you build with them is important. Before you seek treatment, make sure you feel comfortable in their care.

Do They Network with Other Helpful Providers?

Your care team may include physicians, nurses, dietitians, counselors and more. Ask the provider you are researching if they work with other professionals who understand weight.

Is Their Care Comprehensive?

Weight management involves your biology, behaviors, your mental health and your environment. Any provider you choose should consider these factors when treating you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to managing your weight, don’t settle. Put effort into finding the right healthcare provider to help you. They should provide respect, understanding, support and helpful tools. If you still have questions about finding the right provider, CLICK HERE.

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