Find YOUR Upside to Down at YWM2017!

Merrill Littleberry Finding Your Upside to Down

How many times have you started making progress on your journey with weight and health, only to find that something keeps getting in the way?

Maybe it’s a life event such as death, divorce, relationships, trauma or financial hardship. Perhaps you’re facing the challenge to simply get started. All of these events can leave you feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom and cause you to lose your motivation to get up and get going once again.

So, how do you start putting the pieces back together?

Find YOUR Upside to Down with Our Special Hands-on Workshop at YWM2017!

At the Obesity Action Coalition’s (producer of the YWM Campaign) 2017 Your Weight Matters National Convention, you’ll have the unique and exciting opportunity to learn hands-on approaches for finding your “upside to down” and recovering from setbacks.

Merrill LittleberryThis unique workshop, featuring nationally acclaimed motivational speaker and psychotherapist, Merill Littleberry (LCSW, LCDC, CCM, CI-CPT), will help you learn how to:

  • Recognize, remove and replace the mental barriers getting in your way
  • Discover the many pieces that make you unique and learn how they fit together
  • Assemble YOUR back-up plan when things don’t go as expected

If you’ve ever wondered how to press “start” or “restart,” this session is for you! Find the edge that will help you create lasting and sustainable progress on your weight management journey – along with your overall health and life! Because preventing falls is an unrealistic goal, this session is dedicated to helping you recover from them.

Want to Learn More about the 2017 Your Weight Matters National Convention?

YWM logo BlueIf you’re looking to take the NEXT step on your journey with weight and health, YWM2017 is what you’ve been searching for! You can learn more about this life-changing event in a past blog post by CLICKING HERE. Or, you can view the official Convention Web site by visiting www.YWMConvention.com!

To learn more specifically about the exciting sessions, events and workshops you’ll have the opportunity to experience throughout the weekend at YWM2017, simply view the full Program Agenda by CLICKING HERE.

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