Tips to Get Over a Slump and Renew Your Healthy Lifestyle

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Months into the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are sharing that they feel “stuck” in their healthy lifestyle plan due to fatigue. While spring is usually a time for new beginnings, you aren’t alone if you’re in a slump.

Try to use this time to renew your healthy lifestyle and add some spark to your daily routine. Below are some tips to help you get inspired and ready back on the wagon.

If You’re in a Food Slump:

  • Browse online for new recipes. Look for ones with limited and whole ingredients so your dishes are both easy and healthy. Some great websites include EatingWell, Cooking Light, Good Housekeeping and Skinnytaste. You can also browse recipes on Pinterest.
  • Break out a new cooking method. If you’re used to cooking one-pot meals on the stove, try using a crock pot or an air fryer. Other great gadgets include instant pots, juicers, large salad bowls, spiralizers, stand mixers or even your backyard grill.
  • Tweak your favorite dishes. You can transform almost any dish by switching up the flavor and ingredients. A simple swap of herbs and spices can make a new dish almost unrecognizable. Or, simply swap out new proteins and vegetables.
  • Ask your friends and family for their favorite healthy recipe. Jot them all down and try a couple that stand out. Let them know what you think afterwards!

If You’re in an Activity Slump:

  • Take frequent breaks from prolonged sitting. Set a reminder to get up and move every hour if you’re working from a desk.
  • Take social distance walks with your family or neighbors. You can walk through your neighborhood or to a local park.
  • Check your vitals such as your blood pressure and heart rate. If the numbers are less than ideal, they may motivate you to set new goals and improve in key areas.
  • Follow a new virtual workout. Try something that meets your experience level and interests. You can browse YouTube, phone apps or even a fitness program trial like Beach Body.
  • Spend more time outdoors. Work in your garden, wash your car or do handy work around the house for things that need updating. Go on more walks with your dog or take the bikes for a spin. Maybe just take your workout outside!


Remember, you don’t need to be a perfectionist or stick to your healthy living plan line by line, every moment of every day. Things will get busy and you’ll still get tired, but if you can commit to making new changes, you can find a new wave of energy!

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