Tips for Making Healthy Choices while Attending Halloween Parties

While attending any Halloween parties this October, keep these healthy tips in mind.

Halloween parties make the month of October fun and exciting. You can dress up, listen to spooky music and marvel at all the creepy Halloween decor.

Nonetheless, just like any party, a Halloween party can present challenges if you are trying to manage your weight. You will likely be surrounded by food platters, sugary drinks and alcohol. Peer pressure can be tough to fight when it comes from friends and family. There is a lot going on that can distract or sway you from making healthy choices!

Health-focused Tips for Halloween Parties

You can go out without giving up on your good behavior. Now, we aren’t saying you have to be super strict ALL of the time. Moderation and balance are key to lasting success. But if you want to avoid these temptations or forego any guilt later on, consider the below tips.

Make Your Own Healthy Treats

Not all Halloween goodies revolve around candy or sugary baked goods. You can stick to the season and still bring healthy treats to the party that everyone will enjoy.

Try apple slices dipped in Greek yogurt flavored with cinnamon, or make energy balls out of pumpkin and dates. Bake some apples or pears and layer the slices with nuts or honey. You can even slice a block of low-fat cheese and cut it into ghostly shapes!

Eat from a Small Plate

Parties usually have an abundance of food. If you don’t want to eat everything in sight, approach the food table with a small plate. Only put on it those foods which are more nutrient-dense. The smaller plate will help you with portion control.

Keep Water on You at All Times

You will probably be surrounded by sodas, fruit punches and a lot of alcohol. That’s a lot of sugar and carbs. To practice moderation, drink mostly water. If that’s not festive enough, add red food coloring to resemble blood or throw some pieces of fruit into your glass.

Focus on Fright, Not Food

Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or attending one, try to focus more on “frightful” elements. Play games, dance to upbeat music and show off your costume. Parties are about fun times with fun people. Food isn’t the center of everything.

Eat before You Start to Party

You don’t have to come hungry! Eat a nutritious and filling meal before the party starts. This can help reduce your appetite so you’re not distracted by a colorful table of food and drinks.

Move and Groove

Don’t just huddle around the food table or bring your drink to the couch. Get moving! Dance to the music and socialize with people you do and don’t know. If you have space outside, join or start a game of corn hole, pumpkin tossing or another festive activity.

Have No “Fear”

Most of all, don’t overthink things! You are in control of what you do before, during and after a Halloween party. Try to focus on the elements that make Halloween fun like the “scare” factor, themed activities and a fun time among friends. And if you want to splurge a little, that’s okay! Moderation is sustainable but 24/7 restriction is not.

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