Take 5 Today – National Obesity Care Week Has Arrived!

Take 5 National Obesity Care Week

National Obesity Care Week (NOCW) has arrived, taking place October 29th – November 4th. This special awareness week is dedicated to changing the way we care about weight and health, which means it’s a great opportunity to get involved in!

Achieving the Mission

The mission of NOCW is to advance an evidence-based understanding of obesity and widespread access to comprehensive and appropriate care. Imagine a society where weight and health aren’t viewed as products of self-control; where doctors and patients can talk about these topics without feeling the impact of shame and blame.

This is the kind of society that NOCW seeks to create, and it needs the support of everyone who understands the journey with weight and health! If you can relate to…

  • Knowing what it’s like to struggle with weight
  • Caring for someone affected by overweight or obesity
  • The desire to improve access to healthcare services
  • The desire for more science-based information on these topics

… Then you should participate in NOCW!

Take 5 to Change the Way We Care about Weight and Obesity

NOCW launched Sunday, October 29th and is looking for people to make a difference in the world of weight and health. What exactly can you do to get involved?

1. Take the Pledge

Complete the “Take 5” Pledge and mark your commitment to changing the way we care. The Pledge is the very first step toward more information on making real, lasting changes!

2. Activate!

Once you’ve taken the pledge, keep reading for specific ways to get involved! Self-identify as someone affected by weight or obesity, cares for someone who is affected, is a healthcare provider or a policy maker. Select that option for a list of “actions” you can take to change the way we care!

3. Spread the Word

Changing the way we care about obesity and weight calls for a collective effort! NOCW needs as many people as they can reach to take the Pledge and commit to improving the future of obesity care and treatment. Spread the word on your social media profiles, at the doctor’s office, with your legislators and more!

To learn more about NOCW, visit www.ObesityCareWeek.org.

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