Staying Organized on Your Weight Management Journey

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To manage your weight, there’s lots to keep track of. Your calorie intake, your shopping list, your exercise routine, the number on the scale — you name it! The entire process can feel like a headache, especially if managing your weight is already a challenge.

The Power of Staying Organized

Nobody likes clutter, point blank. It makes it hard to find things, monitor things and stay mentally focused.

Sometimes clutter is even draining. You waste a lot of energy trying to wrack your brain for what you need and what’s the most important. Stress is also an unwelcome guest when you let clutter into your life. And nobody wants that, right?

That’s why organization is a great tool to develop. Staying organized let’s you compartmentalize all the aspects of your life — from your job and career to your family and hobbies.

But for all intents and purposes, staying organized also paves the way for success on your weight management journey. You’ll notice that a clearer mind will help you de-stress and cultivate healthier eating and physical activity habits. It will also help you keep track of your journey, chart your progress and set new goals along the way.

The 6-Step Guide to Getting Organized with Weight Management

Want to find a useful way to make those habits stick? Check out the tips below.

  • Write Down Your Weight/Health Goals – Stick them on the fridge, the mirror, or a place you frequent often.
  • Keep a Journal – Write down your thoughts, feelings, challenges, successes, and anything else you want to include. Refer back to this journal every morning or every evening for consistency and accountability.
  • Communicate Your Plan – Tell your weight and health goals to someone you trust. They can help you stay organized and hold you accountable for your hard work. Even a health professional is a good choice!
  • Create an Exercise Schedule – Within limits, come up with a well-rounded exercise routine you can stick to. Make sure it fits your schedule, your personality and your specific needs.
  • Create a Grocery List – Before heading to the store, write down a list of healthy, whole, nutritious foods to fuel your body. Try your best not to deviate from those foods while you’re at the store.
  • Meal Prep/Plan – Set aside one day of the week where you plan all your meals/snacks for the next several days. This will help you avoid excess snacking, poor meal choices and even some temptation.

Do You Have Any Tips for Staying Organized with Weight Management?

We’d like you to share them! Drop a comment below or email your tips to mstep@obesityaction.org.



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