Spring Cleaning: How to Set the Stage for Healthy Living

There are some activities you can do to "spring clean" your environment to promote healthier living

March is heading out the door and spring is rushing in. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and new beginnings are on the horizon! Now is a great time to start fresh in all areas of your life.

The Power of “Fresh”

How many times in your life do you wish you have a do-over button? We’re not perfect people and life can get messy. No matter how hard we try at something — work, school, finances, etc. — we get off track sometimes. And if we’re not careful, we can stay off track.

This also relates to weight and health. Since the New Year, you might have missed your fair share of workouts or struggled with meal planning. Maybe you envisioned yourself meeting goals by the spring that you haven’t yet met. Are you feeling stuck? Challenged? Unmotivated?

Starting “fresh” with your goals, your routine and your environment can kick things up a notch. Sometimes there is nothing more motivating than a blank slate!

Spring Cleaning for Your Health:

You may have heard of spring cleaning your home to purge unnecessary items or get rid of dust. You can do something similar to re-invigorate your health!

Re-organize Your Kitchen

Purge your fridge, pantry and counter of expired, processed and boring food, then wipe/dust your shelves/compartments. Use this time to bring your favorite healthy foods to the front for ease of access. Then make a grocery run to stock up on fresh and tasty items.

Visit Your Primary Care Provider

Be proactive with your health by scheduling an appointment with your primary care provider to check up on things. You might have your labs taken at this appointment as well.

Add to/Change Your Fitness Regimen

Maybe it’s time to try a new physical activity and add some spark. Or, use this time to pick up the pace, increase difficulty levels or revisit your original fitness goals. You might even consider finding a personal trainer to help you get on track and stay there.

Do Something Kind for Yourself

Self-care is rejuvenating. If you’re drained, unmotivated or not confident, treat yourself to a reward that will combat those feelings. Maybe it’s a mini spring vacation, some new clothes, a date night to a new place or a new pair of glasses — whatever helps!

Remove Excess Clutter

Gain mental clarity by throwing out things you no longer need or putting them in their appropriate place. This could be old clothes, dishware you don’t use, furniture/house decor, bathroom products, bills and documents and even gizmos you don’t really care for.

Case in point — the onset of spring is an excellent time to hit the “refresh” button! Get down in dirty to purge your home or work environment, or making changes to your nutrition, fitness and general health routine. Sometimes a few exciting changes can make all the difference.

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