Spring Cleaning for Your Health: 7 Tips for a Fresh Start

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It’s the time of year for spring cleaning! Temperatures are warming up, flowers are blooming, and you’re ready to come out of winter hibernation. It’s a wonderful feeling to get rid of the old and bring in the new as you look ahead to warmer spring and summer months. While you are cleaning and refreshing this spring, take a few moments to determine how you can also clean up your health. Sweep away the cobwebs and get ready for a fresh start!

Spring Cleaning for Your health

Check on Your Diet

What did you eat during the long, cold winter? If you had a lot of processed high-sugar and high-fat foods, it’s time for a kitchen overhaul. Make room for food that will nourish you and support your health goals. Add in produce like strawberries, spinach, broccoli and cherries. Choose lean-protein options such as lean meat (chicken, turkey, lean ground beef), low-fat string cheese, low-fat cottage cheese and light yogurt. Round out your diet with whole grains such as brown rice, whole grain pasta and whole grain bread.

Focus on Fluids

As temperatures warm up, your fluid needs may increase as well. What are you drinking? Take inventory of any sweetened drinks and make a swap where your health can benefit. For example, instead of sweetened coffee, choose coffee with sugar-free syrup and low-fat milk. Are you drinking too much soda? Consider sparkling water with pieces of fresh fruit.

Get Moving

The winter is cold and dark. Often, the motivation to move isn’t there. As spring rolls in, days get longer, the weather gets warmer and your motivation may spark. Remember, it is recommended to get 150 minutes of activity per week. See where you are and start ramping your movement up! Take a walk at lunch, schedule a family bike ride or venture out for a new exercise class.

Check on Your Mental Health

Mental health is often forgotten, but so very important. Take a few minutes to see where yours is at. It’s very common for the cold weather and dark days to take a toll on your mood. This spring, set aside time for relaxation and rest so you can reset and get ready for your next adventure.

Get Regular Check-ups

It’s time to do some maintenance! Make sure you are up-to-date on your health appointments. Are you current with your dentist, eye doctor and primary care physician? Don’t forget screenings. Are you due for a mammogram, colonoscopy or lab work? Don’t delay on health care. Taking preventative measures is better than having to treat health issues later.

Get Some Fresh Air and Vitamin D

Being in the great outdoors does the body good. Most of us are low on vitamin D. After being inside all winter, we could use some sunshine and fresh air for our physical and mental health. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin!

Schedule Time to Be Social

After being cooped up all winter, it’s important to connect with others and schedule time for social activities. Reach out to a friend for a walk, a cup of coffee, or just a phone conversation. This can be hard for some, especially if you are really busy or tend to be introverted, but tending to your social needs is part of caring for your wellbeing.

Spring cleaning for your health can help you develop better habits this year, increase your motivation and support your health goals. Take your time and work on one or two goals at once and move on from there. There is no reason to get overwhelmed! Taking a few small steps here and there can spring you forward into a healthier version of yourself.

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