Body and Soul Makeover: Give Yourself a “Tune-up” this Spring

Spring makeover

When most people think of springtime, they think of new beginnings – flowers blooming, grass becoming greener and the budding leaves on the trees.

However, new beginnings can also be about your mindset — about being mindful or present with your “now.” In other words, this is taking the time to give yourself a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual makeover.

The mind, body and soul makeover is about digging deep, taking personal responsibility for everything that you think, feel, say and do, and getting in touch with your powerful inner-resources that you may not even know you have.

Body and Soul Makeover: Starting with the Basics

Take a five-minute break from your normal routine. Sit down and think about what you would like to change about yourself, your current situation and your health. Make a list of the top three things you want to see change. Once you have that list completed, it’s time to put your wheels in motion. It’s time to start being mindful and living in the “now.”

What does that mean, living in the “now?” Well, it means being present in all aspects of your life. It means taking accountability for your actions or lack of, and being kind to yourself and with your thoughts. Being present will help you stay focused and make over any area(s) that may need a little tuning-up.

Let’s start by setting a time aside every day where you sit with yourself and your thoughts. Perhaps do this first thing in the morning to visualize what you want — not just for the day, but what you want in total. Giving yourself a direction or goal may help with being more present throughout the day and staying on-track. Being mindful will help you achieve your goal of being in the “now.” Please remember to be kind with your thoughts and words. You are important and deserve to be handled with care.

Healthy Tips – Exercise and Nutrition

Now let’s get moving! Get out of the bed and stretch. This will help get every part of your body warmed-up for the day. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Take a walk on your lunch break and park farther away from your work building or grocery store. Any exercise counts. Research suggests that exercise, even 30 minutes a day, can help with mental, emotional and physical health.

Nutrition also matters. Being more mindful of what you put in your body will help with how you feel, think and perform. Eat across the rainbow! Foods with color are best. Try orange and red peppers, purple potatoes and leafy greens. Vegetables are good fuel for the body. Pick lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and fish as well. Think about eating clean.


Over time, putting all of these tools to use will help you to transform your mind and body and connect you to your soul. It will change how you think, feel and act by showing you how to love yourself and be in the “now.” You may begin to find relief from stress, experience improved relationships, make better choices, improve your health and well-being, solve financial and/or business challenges and discover spiritual growth and awakening.

Don’t wait! Get started today and begin to experience your best life. Giving yourself this spring tune-up may empower you to take control over your life, discover your self-confidence and achieve the peace of mind you have been searching for.

About the Author: 

Natalie-Jean Schiavone, PhD, has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry. After receiving her Master’s degree in General Psychology, Natalie-Jean went on to complete her doctoral degree in Health Psychology, with a specialization in obesity. Dr. Schiavone conducted her research and completed her dissertation on female adolescents with obesity and their social experiences. Using her education, experience and expertise, Dr. Schiavone works with her patients to create a healthier lifestyle where knowledge is a key factor in this modification.

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