Turning Your Short-term Ideas into Long-term Goals


Just like many other things in our life that we categorize as “priorities,” our health should be of the utmost importance to us. Our bodies keep us alive and give us the ability to function – both mentally and physically – so why would we not want to treat it with the patience and respect that it deserves?

Now, imagine what would happen if we treated our bodies the same way we treated a fashion trend or a new song on the radio. For a short period of time, we’d invest energy and focus into these fads before ultimately retiring them. For some of us, this is similar to the way we manage our health. But how healthy can that really be!

Managing Your Health: A Long-term Journey

Journey: [N] – An act or instance of traveling from one place to another.

Let’s examine the word journey in the context of our health. Given the definition above, we might see that our health is something to be navigated throughout all stages of our lives. As we age and grow, our bodies experience many natural processes that shape its ability to power and withstand our day-to-day activities. And, depending on how we treat and care for our body throughout this journey, it is subject to change alongside of us over time.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how our nutrition habits, physical fitness, motivation and dedication to managing our health are all integral parts to finding lasting success on the journey with weight and health. However, it takes more than just a few sprints to the finish line to reach this success. We have to be dedicated to the journey for the long-run!

Tips for Making Progress with Long-term Goals

So, how do take a goal and transform it into something you can work toward over the long-run? Consider these tips:

  • Evaluate Your Now – The only way you can reasonably decide what you want for the future is to reflect on where you are right now. This is your opportunity to assess your current level of satisfaction and what you’re realistically capable of achieving.
  • Define and Refine Your Aspirations – It’s difficult to work toward something if you don’t know exactly what that thing is. What aspects of your weight and health do you want to change? Where do you want to see yourself six months from now? One year? Two? Map it out!
  • Develop a Plan – Carefully craft a plan that will get you through to each milestone along your journey. Do you want to incorporate more exercise into your routine to develop your fitness levels? Create a workout agenda that you’re able to stick to. Do you want to change your nutrition habits for the better? Consider a meal-planning guide which will help you to shop for, prepare and commit to nutrition meals that fuel your body for success.
  • Share with Others – Opening up about your goals can help you stay accountable. By sharing your journey with your partner, your family and even your friends, you may find that extra motivation and encouragement to carry you along the way. For extra tips on letting others in on your healthy journey, please CLICK HERE.
  • Check Your Motivation – Do you feel your energy start to run out the further along you get? It’s time to re-examine your goals and get creative with finding new ways to push and challenge yourself. Create a new playlist of songs, fill your refrigerator door with inspirational quotes, set new challenges that align with your goals, or even get yourself a nice gift as a reward for your hard work! There’s certainly more where that came from!

Remember – the best things come to those who wait. And, in this case, the ones who continue to put in the hard work! Your health is a journey that you and you alone will take, so buckle up and lay the groundwork for a healthier road ahead!

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