Spread Self-love this February with these Motivational Quotes!

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It’s February, and messages of love surround us everywhere. In grocery stores, television commercials and even in pharmacies! Although this festive month is typically associated with romance and partnerships, who’s to say a little self-love can’t also be celebrated?

When you’re on the journey with weight and health, self-love is a big piece of the puzzle. You’re bound to face mountains, valleys and even rolling hills along the way. It’s not always easy to navigate, and it’s common to get lost along the way. When it feels like you have nothing left to lose and so much more to gain, self-love is they key that turns the ignition.

Before you can begin to make any improvements on yourself, you require a healthy dose of self-love to believe you can. Being proactive and determined requires a commitment to your body, mind and overall health. This means looking beyond any of your perceived “flaws” and looking instead at the bigger picture — your health, your life.

7 Motivational Quotes about Self-Love You Need to Believe in

This February, we’ve compiled a short list of motivational quotes (one for every day of the week) to help you recognize the strength and greatness that lies within you. We hope these words of wisdom will help you experience self-love and all it’s sweetness — a better worldview and a better outcome!

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