How to Put Some Spark back into Your Workouts

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We often describe exercise as a chore, and keeping up with our workouts while we strive to meet our fitness goals can sometimes get a little challenging!

When we repeat the same routines and exercises, it’s easy to become disinterested and unmotivated. Working out does not have to turn into a burden, though! There are a variety of ways to make exercise a positive experience that continues to keep you focused and empowered.

How can I spice up my workouts?

  • Train with a heart rate monitor – Adding a heart rate monitor to your workouts can help you keep track of the intensity at which you are exercising. Monitoring your heart rate is good for tracking progress and keeping you focused on your specific workout goals.
  • Exercise with friends and family – Exercise and workouts make for great social events! You can spend time with people whose company you enjoy and get fit at the same time.
  • Add some balance to your routine – This will make your workout a little more difficult, but you shouldn’t be afraid! Adding some balance challenges to your routine can spice up your exercise, strengthen your core and give your workout a whole new energy.
  • Try out a personal trainer – Training with a professional can bring a lot of zest to your exercise routines! A trainer can bring fresh, new workouts to each session and provide you with encouragement as you push through difficult challenges.
  • Recreate your music playlist – Maybe you need some new tunes to get your blood pumping and help keep you moving! Click here for music we’ve compiled just for you.
  • Train for an event – There are all kinds of fitness events out there that you can train for: a 5K race, 10K race, Ironman, half or full marathon, adventure race, duathlon (running + biking) and even more. Training for events such as these not only provides you with consistency, but gives you a strong purpose for completing your goals.
  • Finally, try something NEW – Doing new things is fun and liberating! Try breaking away from your old routine by doing something you’ve never done before. Join a group class such as yoga, Zumba or kickboxing, or even try a new sport. If you’re used to working out inside, venture outdoors for some hiking, swimming, kayaking, golf or field hockey.

Want more information on changing up your workout routines? Click here to read the full article from Your Weight Matters Magazine!

Do YOU have any tips for keeping things fresh? Please share with us in the comments below!

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